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75 percent of multi-apartment buildings renovated under municipal programmes


According to the most recent information, at present 410 multi-apartment buildings are undergoing renovation in Lithuania as part of the implementation of the Programme for renovation of multi-apartment buildings. Of this number, almost 75 percent are municipal projects.

Considering the multi-apartment building renovation projects already completed this year, the situation is similar: of the total of 220 houses, 146 buildings have been renovated under municipal programmes. The results of the past few years also confirm clearly that most of the renovation projects are carried out through municipalities. Since 2013, Lithuania has renovated 1 727 multi-apartment buildings, of which 1 276 have been modernised on the initiative of municipalities.

“The results under consideration prove once again that today the local government has the essential role in ensuring the successful implementation of the Programme for renovation of multi-apartment buildings. I believe that in the near future the competences and experience gained by municipalities will ensure not only the systematic and long-term process of renovation of multi-apartment dwellings in Lithuania, but also the implementation of projects on the increase of energy efficiency of quarters and the renovation of public buildings owned by municipalities”, claims Valius Serbenta, Director of the Housing Energy Efficiency Agency.

The multi-apartment building renovation process that was stalled for several years has been activated by the involvement of municipalities in the Programme, which is particularly evident in the leading regions. Under the municipal programmes, almost 100 percent of the renovation projects have been implemented by the Ignalina District Municipality (80 multi-apartment houses renovated), the Druskininkai Municipality (75 buildings), the Palanga Municipality (46 buildings), the Molėtai District Municipality (41 buildings), the Jonava District Municipality (59 buildings), etc.

Detailed information on the renovation processes in separate municipalities is available at

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas