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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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A new drill in pursuit of oil


Based on the information provided by the Lithuanian Geological Service under the Ministry of Environment (LGS), a new test pit has been drilled in the Kudirka oilfield.

This oilfield is included into the territory of the Kudirka-Kybartai licenced area located at the intersection of the Vilkaviškis and Šakiai district municipalities. The LGS issued the permit to exploit hydrocarbon resources in this area to UAB Diseta, the winner of the tender, in 2015. This company carried out seismic investigations in the Kudirka oilfield in 2015–2016. The explored geological resources in this oilfield are estimated to amount to 1,470 thsd. tonnes.

According to the LGS data, 77.37 cubic metres of oil, i.e. 15 % less than in 2015, was extracted in our country last year. It was extracted from 15 thoroughly explored oilfields: Girkaliai, Kretinga, Nausodis, Agluonėnai, Vėžaičiai, Ližiai, Ablinga, Vilkyčiai, Pociai, Diegliai, Sakučiai, Pietų Šiūpariai, Šiūpariai, Genčai and Šilalė. Currently, oil extracted has been suspended in 3 oilfields: Auksoras, Šiaurės Vėžaičiai and Uoksai.

In Lithuania, permits for the exploitation of hydrocarbon resources are granted to 7 companies, namely, AB Lotos-Geonafta, UAB Minijos Nafta, UAB Manifoldas, UAB Genčių Nafta, UAB LL Investicijos, UAB TanOil and UAB Diseta. Only five companies are engaged in oil extraction. It is extracted only from 60 fields on land.

In total, since 1990, Lithuania has extracted around 5,262 thds. cubic metres of oil.

Public Relations Division
6 November 2017

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas