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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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“Let’s do it 2009” initiative surpasses expectations


An unprecedented environmental clean-up and rubbish collection initiative entitled “Let’s do it 2009” was undertaken in on 18 April. Participants in the initiative collected rubbish in Lithuanian cities and villages, the most picturesque natural sites, water body surroundings, regional parks as well as remote areas. Lithuanian people showed great enthusiasm for the clean-up initiative. Both pre-registered and non-registered residents actively participated in the initiative, cleaning up the environment of settlements and residential areas.  

According to Gediminas Kazlauskas, the Minister of Environment, who took part in the initiative, the purpose of this initiative is to not only collect as much rubbish as possible but also foster civic awareness and environmental-mindedness. “By taking part in this initiative, we hope to once again draw the public’s attention to the issues of environmental protection, waste separation and recycling, which are becoming increasingly important,” the minister said.

For the first time, this year’s initiative included waste separation: plastic and glass containers, waste metal and other rubbish were collected separately. Participants in the “Let’s do it” initiative brought large quantities of tyres, old furniture, clothes, construction materials and other waste polluting the environment to indicated waste collection sites.

The idea of organising “Let’s do it” or “Teeme 2008” was raised by a group of Estonians. On 3 May 2008, they managed to bring together over 50,000 volunteers to Estonian forests and fields and collect some 10,000 tons of waste in one day. On the same day, “Let's do it 2008” was organised in and later in . This year, the organisers of the international initiative “Let's do it” invited not only Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian but also Russian, Polish, German and Finnish people who care for nature.

This year, the Lithuanian and Latvian ministers of environment issued a joint statement to invite the public to join the initiative. The organisers of the event were greeted by Valdas Adamkus, the President of the Republic of Lithuania .

Public regard for the initiative, increased civic awareness, excellent organisation of the event and a sunny Saturday morning determined good results. According to Gediminas Kazlauskas, the Minister of Environment, volunteers did work that would otherwise have to be done by city and district municipalities, road management companies, foresters and other competent bodies.

Almost 30,000 Lithuanian volunteers registered for the initiative “Let’s do it” this year. However, according to preliminary data provided by the organisers, the event was attended by some 45,000 people all over , who collected approximately 10,000 tons of waste.

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18 April 2009






Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas