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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Lithuania’s pavilion at Expo 2010 already visited by quarter of million people


Over the first 19 days of the global exhibition Expo 2010 in Shanghai, Lithuania’s pavilion has already been visited by a quarter of a million people. It was visited by some 14,000 people per day, i.e. every twelfth visitor of Expo 2010. Some 3 to 4 million people are expected to visit the Lithuanian pavilion over six months of this exhibition from 1 May to 1 October.
Visitors gladly throw balls into the basket installed in a basketball court in the Lithuanian pavilion, rush to make wishes standing on a “magic” tile brought from the Cathedral Square of Vilnius and take a hot-air balloon “flight” over Lithuania. The hot-air balloon has been chosen as the symbol of Lithuania’s exposition.

“Lithuania’s participation in this global exhibition provides an opportunity to not only acquaint a huge number of Expo 2010 visitors with the specific features of our culture and nature as well as the most important events in the country’s life but also to establish relations useful for business and tourism development. Groups of businesspeople from China and other countries visiting the pavilion are asking for information about our country’s business environment as well as contact details,” says Gediminas Kazlauskas, the head of the Ministry of Environment which is coordinating Lithuania’s participation in the global exhibition. Representatives of Lithuanian Railways, Klaipėda seaport, airlines and other business areas who are to come to Expo 2010 are also expected to establish and develop relations with China.

Expo 2010 taking place in China’s largest city of Shanghai is the largest exhibition ever held in the world. Pavilions of a total of 189 countries of the world, 54 international organisations, over a dozen of large business corporations and several dozens cities of the world covering an area of over five square kilometres are expected to be visited by some 70 million people.

The most innovative planning and design solutions of modern cities are presented during the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is “Better City, Better Life”. Much attention is given to nearly all areas of modern man’s life and activities that are inseparable from a modern city.

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19 May 2010

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas