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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Funds granted to projects for upgrading landfills non-compliant with EU requirements


The Environmental Project Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment has signed financing and administration agreements that will serve as the basis for the management activities at the dump sites of Tauragė county and the landfill in the village of Takniškės, Alytus district.

The funds granted to these projects constitute LTL 24.2 mln., of which more than LTL 20 mln. are from the Cohesion Fund of the 2007–2013 EU structural support, while the remaining sum comes from the budget of the Republic of Lithuania. Employing safe landfill closure and rehabilitation technologies, Alytaus Regiono Atliekų Tvarkymo Centras UAB and Tauragės Regiono Atliekų Tvarkymo Centras UAB will eliminate the negative environmental impact of the landfills.

The project ‘Closure of old landfills and dump sites of Tauragė region’ will upgrade landfills and dump sites non-compliant with the EU requirements in Jurbarkas, Pagėgiai, Šilalė and Tauragė districts. The works are to be implemented with a view to developing a regional waste management system that would meet the needs of the population and ensure high environmental quality. Taking account of these arguments and the current state of each site, five landfills will be closed and another 53 dump sites will be rehabilitated by removing waste and landscaping the territories.

The new Alytus regional landfill meeting all European Union requirements has been built on the site of the former Alytus city and Alytus district Takniškės landfill. Construction of the regional landfill has implemented stage 1 of the old landfill closure project. In stage 2, a landfill pile cover will be installed containing gas drainage, sealing, rainwater filtering, soil and vegetation layers. Also, access roads and a surface runoff collection system will be built by way of appropriate reconstruction of the leachate and surface runoff drainage systems.

Funds have already been granted for implementing the project on the installation of Utena region composting sites and the closure of old dump sites in Anykščiai and Molėtai districts. In the near future, the Environmental Project Management Agency and the project promoter, Utenos Regiono Atliekų Tvarkymo Centras UAB, will conclude a financing and administration agreement.

Information of the Ministry of Environment, 2191869

23 August 2010

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas