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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Swiss Experts Say that Waste Incineration in Vilnius is Possible


Vilnius Region Environmental Protection Department presented to the public findings of independent experts on environmental impact assessment of the planned economic activity by the Vilnius Regional Municipal Waste Incineration Plant.

Experts found the environmental impact to be within the allowed limits and that technological solutions were in line with the best available ways of production. The experts’ findings say that the formal requirements of informing the public were complied with, however, there is a clear lack of position taken by the municipality in representing the population both from the economic and social points of view.

The Vilniusites who attended the meeting maintained their position and opposed against waste combustion near the open-air market Gariunai. Moreover, the Kazokiskes community reminded about its dissatisfaction with the waste disposal of the Vilnius Region in the Kazokiskes landfill. They brought banners demanding the immediate use of waste for the generation of energy and the termination of its transportation to the landfill.

‘Although the experts, relying on their long-term experience, suggested the green light for waste combustion in Vilnius, yet we will make the decision only after we listen to the arguments of all interested parties and we will take into consideration all the circumstances which play a role for the municipal waste management in Vilnius as well as those which concern development. After yesterday’s presentation it became obvious that representatives of the public would maintain their critical position. Therefore, the department's experts would have to play the arbitrators’ role among three conflicting parties: Lazdynai residents (opposition the appearance of the plant), Kazokiskes community (willing to have a smaller flow of waste into the landfill) and organisers of the planned economic activity,' said Rolandas Masilevicius, Director of the Vilnius Region Environmental Protection Department.

Waste combustion is a more advance means of waste management than waste disposal in a landfill. Vilnius Region creates an excessive amount of waste. Even if it were properly sorted and processed, the regional landfill could not accommodate all the waste. In every case, assessment should be made of the waste management costs to be covered by residents.

When foreign experts read the report on the environmental impact assessment they could not find the motivation that could be understood by the public and a clear position taken by the municipality.

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12 October 2010

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas