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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Silver for the Lithuanian pavilion


Lithuania brought home a silver medal from the world EXPO 12, which closed Monday in Yeosu, South Korea. The prize for a creative approach to the exposition’s main theme “The Living Ocean and Coast” within the category of small pavilions was awarded by a panel of independent experts formed by the International Exhibitions Bureau. Romas Jankauskas, head of the Public Relations and Education Division at the Ministry of Environment and commissioner general for the Lithuanian exhibition at the world show, said it was the first time when our country’s pavilion gained such appreciation at world EXPOs.

The exhibition is still on display and tomorrow its main exhibits will travel from South Korea back to Lithuania.

EXPO 2012 is the tenth world show where Lithuania was official participant. On commission from the Government, the Ministry of Environment coordinated and organised preparations for and participation at this exposition, as at the four previous EXPOs.

Over the three months of EXPO 2012: May 12th through August 12th, the Lithuanian pavilion received more than 600,000 visitors. Visiting rates jumped significantly over last few weeks of the Expo when up to 20,000 people came daily. The Lithuanian pavilion constructed after the idea of architects Mečislovas and Martynas Valevičius stood out for unusual amber light and original and valuable exhibits such as amber inclusions and articles brought from Lithuanian Art Museum and private collections. The exhibition was created to show Lithuania as the land of amber and to give visitors the feeling that they are inclusions inside a large lump of amber.

Throughout the Expo the pavilion featured different culture events, concerts and meetings with scientists, environmental experts and artists. It also offered ten photography shows and the already traditional basketball tournament ExpoBasket, which will probably be held at the next World Expo planned for 2015 in Milan.

The Government has accepted the proposal that our country participates at EXPO 2015. The main theme of the World Expo is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The ministries of environment and agriculture have been assigned the task to arrange the presentation of Lithuania at EXPO 2015 in Milan.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas