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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Minister started his job with discussions and meetings in Brussels


The new Minister of Environment Valentinas Mazuronis started his job with a meeting with Connie Hedegaard , the European Commissioner for Climate Action, and Janez Potočnik, the European Commissioner for the Environment. The meeting took place in Brussels yesterday. Its aim was to discuss ’s future presidency of the Council of the European Union and possibilities of the two commissioners’ visits to while preparing for the presidency.

Yesterday the minister V.Mazuronis participated in the meeting of the Council of Environment, which was attended by the ministers of environment of EU countries who discussed issues related to preservation of water resources in the Community, environmental problems driven by economical growth and their possible solution measures, planned EU environmental action program up to 2020.

According to Valentinas Mazuronis, water resources management issues are important to too. Due to the warmer climate spring tides appear earlier as well as tides resulting from rains are increasing. In summers we face droughty periods when smaller streamlets dry, wells dry up and the crops fail. Therefore it is important to forecast extreme hydrological phenomena in advance, design risk maps, develop respective management plans and cooperate with the EU and other countries.

During the meeting of the Council of the Environment the effective use of resources, climate change mitigation goals and their obstacles as well as measures increasing economical growth and creation of workplaces as per the EC economic growth overview 2013 were discussed. shares the opinion that the economic recovery, its maximum growth speed and long-term welfare especially depend on the actions of EU countries to create green economics by changing consumption culture and increasing public awareness.

The new Government shares the attitude that the future of people is conditioned by the development of economics sparing the environment and human beings, thus it will strive to develop “green” economics and energy.  In order to stimulate economical growth measures to increase the energy performance of buildings will be implemented. The overall renovation of building blocks would open possibilities for faster economic recovery and creation of new workplaces. Following sustainable development principles the environmental policy goals are sought to be efficiently integrated into other sectors, thus stimulating sustainable energy, agriculture, forestry, transportation and economics.

The Minister Valentinas Mazuronis also participated in the political debates of the Council of Environment regarding the seventh EU environmental action program which is developed until 2020 and which is to define the goals and actions of the policy of environment. Realistic possibilities for EU countries to reach the requirements and ensure needed financial support must be assessed, taking into consideration the EU financial program 2014-2020. As Valentinas Mazuronis says, immediate and efficient environmental solutions are needed in all EU political areas. It is expected that they will be agreed, realistic and the joint efforts of the EU countries will allow reaching the goals of the EU environmental action program up to 2020. This program is a very important document for as well as for the other EU countries to prepare the national environmental strategy.

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18 December 2012


Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas