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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Lithuania takes part in the negotiations regarding the provisions of the new convention on mercury


Tomorrow in Geneva a committee meeting will be held regarding intergovernmental negotiations on international mercury agreements. Marija Teriošina, the Head of Chemical Substances Division of Pollution Prevention Department of the Ministry of Environment says that the aim of the meeting is to finish the negotiations regarding the provisions of the new Mercury Convension project of the United Nations and to agree on the final text of this convention.

The aim of the Mercury Convention which is currently being prepared is to reduce mercury emission and its impact on people’s health and environment by gradual termination of mercury and its products production and trade in the world as well as to prevent repeated appearance of mercury surplus to markets by using alternative mercury-free products.

as an EU member is also taking part in the negotiations regarding the new convention. According to Marija Teriošina, the convention provisions which are related to mercury usage limitations or prohibitions in specific areas or products (e.g. teeth fillings (amalgams), specific medical devices, batteries) or to management of mercury waste and mercury polluted territories, etc. are the most important to Lithuania.

The Mercury Convention is planned to be signed during a special diplomatic conference, which is to be organised in October. During that time Lithuania will be presiding the EU Council, thus the representatives of our country will need to organise coordinating meetings of EU member states, to prepare a joint position with other states regarding procedural issues of signing the new convention, financial support, transition period measures and others. Since the intergovernmental negotiation committee meeting which will be held tomorrow in Geneva is the last one before the mentioned convention, Lithuania will seek, according to Marija Teriošina, to reach an agreement on as many provisions of the Mercury Convention as possible.

The representatives of our country will not only participate in the above mentioned negotiations, but will also meet representatives of the UNEP secretariat, Japan, Ireland, which is currently presiding the EU Council, and other EU member states to discuss the diplomatic conference organisational issues.

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11 January 2013




Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas