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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Rates on damage caused to fish stocks raised from several to ten times

2013-01-28 Rasa Grušelionytė, tel. 870663657

The Minister of Environment, Valentinas Mazuronis, set new basic rates to calculate damage caused to fish stocks: they were raised from several to ten times. Rates were increased in view of the recommendations of the Amateur Fishing Council.

As the Vice-minister of Environment, Linas Jonauskas, pointed out today at the press conference at the Ministry of Environment, the rates for extra-valuable fish like salmon and sea trout underwent the most dramatic, tenfold, rise. This means that damage to such illegally caught fish will be evaluated at LTL 2,000 compared to former LTL 200. Damage rates for illegally caught Atlantic sturgeon, catfish, eel or nase were lifted five times. For these species poachers will have to pay LTL 1,000 instead of the former LTL 200. The five-fold raise now also applies to illegally caught grayling, pike, brown trout, asp, Coregonus lavaretus, pikeperch, barbel and burbot. The penalty for these species was raised from LTL 100 to LTL 500. In addition, a five-times higher claim will be lodged for illegally caught grass carp, carp, bream, tench, cod, turbot, silver carp, chub and Vimba vimba: LTL 200 instead of LTL 40 per fish. The rates for less valuable fish were also raised several times compared to former levels. For instance, the penalty is now LTL 50 instead of LTL 20 per kilo of illegally caught cod or smelt, LTL 20 instead of LTL 5 for flounder and LTL 10 instead of LTL 2 for Atlantic herring or sprat.

It should be noted that if a violation occurs in an ichthyological reserve or natural reservation, a triple rate for damage applies. For example, one will be charged LTL 6,000 per illegally caught sea trout or salmon in Minija river, Jūra or Šventoji rivers (in the area of the ichthyological reserve), LTL 1,500 for grayling, pike, trout, asp, barbel or burbot, and LTL 3,000 for eel or catfish. A fisherman who illegally draws ten breams from Minija river or from the Curonian Spit between Atmata and Skirvytė rivers at a distance of less than 1 km from shore will have to pay a damage indemnity of LTL 6,000.

This significant boost in basic damage rates for fish stocks should encourage amateur and professional fishermen to follow the fishing rules and should facilitate the fight against poaching. These rates will take effect shortly after they are announced in the Official Gazette.

Information of the Ministry of Environment, phone 8~706 63660

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas