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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Minister invites US shale gas experts to Lithuania


Continuing his working visit to the USA, Minister of Environment Valentinas Mazuronis is visiting the State of Pennsylvania to meet with local politicians, experts and representatives of the public and the energy companies operating at the Marcellus Shale.

During an exploratory tour arranged by the Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research of Pennsylvania State University, the Minister met with members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Matthew Baker and Garth Evertt, who works at the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, visited the well sites of companies that extract shale gas, observed the drilling work in progress and the applied environmental measures and talked to the experts.

“For me it was important to see the responsible approach towards shale gas extraction of not only the companies themselves, but also the local politicians and environmentalists, and how a compromise and a constructive dialogue are used to find the best solutions for the local communities, the state and investors and the environmental legislation is improved,” said Mr Mazuronis after his meeting with business and community representatives.

At a round-table discussion at the University’s Center for Outreach and Research the Minister invited its head Tom Murphy and other experts and researchers, who have dealt with shale gas for many years, to visit Lithuania and share their insights with the public.

“I have no doubt that the lasting experience of experts in this field would be extra-valuable not only for Lithuanian politicians, but also for researchers and the local communities. What we need today is a constructive dialogue based on facts and figures, like the one in the enterprises and towns of the Marcellus Shale,” said Mr Mazuronis.

The experts explained to the Minister the socio-economic and energy-related impact of shale gas extraction in the State of Pennsylvania, which has turned from a gas importer into one of the largest gas exporters in just a few years.

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8 March 2013





Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas