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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Climate change: waiting is not a solution


Climate change: waiting is not a solution


Today, the Minister of Environment Valentinas Mazuronis met with 35 other environmental ministers from around the world at an international climate change forum in Berlin, which began yesterday, to discuss ways to ensure that this fall's United Nations Climate Change Conference yields concrete results in the form of potential international climate change agreements. Such an international agreement would have to be prepared by 2015 and would have to take effect world-wide from 2020.


The Warsaw conference will occur this fall during Lithuania's presidency of the EU Council. At the event, Lithuania will have to present the EU nations' position. Valentinas Mazuronis discussed the preparations for this conference with environmental ministers from Great Britain, Japan and Poland. Today, he will also discuss these preparations in a meeting with Germany's environmental minister.


EU nations (besides Germany and Poland, France, Great Britain, Ireland and Lithuania were also invited to participate in the forum in Berlin) consistently set an example for other world nations by seeking to keep our planet's average temperature below 2°C. However, it is clear that it will take more than just the EU's efforts to achieve this goal.


Yesterday, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel invited the participants at the “Petersburg Climate Dialogue” in Berlin to double their efforts to combat climate change. “If we do nothing, we will be faced with an even more difficult road. Doing nothing will make this much, much more costly for us all,” the chancellor said, urging the international community to be more active. Participants at the forum discussed the idea that, although there are many different praiseworthy initiatives (like Saudi Arabia's enormous investments into solar energy development or the halting of jungle logging in Brazil), there must be a united world-wide effort.

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7 May 2013



Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas