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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Lithuania represented the EU in meeting with China's lead negotiator on climate change reduction


After yesterday's informal meeting of the EU's environmental ministers in Vilnius, Minister of Environment Valentinas Mazuronis met with one of China's primary negotiators on climate change reduction-related questions – Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission Xie Zhenhua – and his delegation.

According to the Minister, Xie Zhenhua indicated that China would like to cooperate with the EU on climate change reduction. “The fact that a representative from China, which did not sign the Kyoto protocol, came to Lithuania from the U.S.A., where he also discussed climate change, shows that China is searching for common goals with the EU. By holding the EU Council presidency, our nation represents the entire Community,” - said Valentinas Mazuronis.

The Minister presented the Chinese delegation with Lithuania's climate change control policy strategy, which has defined short-term (by 2020), mid-term (until 2030 or 2040), and long-term (until 2050) climate change goals and tasks. Valentinas Mazuronis underscored that, through its EU Council presidency, Lithuania will focus on preparations for the UN climate change convention conference in November in Warsaw. Important questions regarding international climate change control measures and their improvement will be discussed. Other topics will include the promotion of measures for adjusting to climate change, the use of flexible market mechanisms, the development of environmentally-friendly technologies, and others. The Minister mentioned that China, second in the world by its economy, is taking great efforts to combat climate change and has made progress, setting an example for other nations.

Since 1982, China's negotiator Xie Zhenhua has held administrative positions at various Chinese environmental institutions and has participated in various international climate change conferences. He has a thorough understanding of themes in climate change and is prepared for constructive discussions.

As Xie Zhenhua said in yesterday's meeting, before coming to Lithuania, he met with representatives from the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and various developing nations. He also met with EU Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard and two French ministers. With them, he discussed the preparation of an international agreement for climate change reduction which should be signed in 2015. According to Xie Zhenhua, China is prepared to talk about the new agreement, about the international climate change conference happening this November in Warsaw, and about various climate change reduction policies and measures until 2015.

China currently produces the greatest amount of greenhouse gases in the world – roughly 20%. Although the nation has had its difficulties, it is creating and implementing a climate change policy, modernizing its technological processes, setting energy efficiency growth goals, and strengthening its capability to adjust to climate change. According to Xie Zhenhua, a home modernization program is successfully being implemented in North-East China. Residents of the modernized homes enjoy two advantages – warmth and lower heating costs. China hopes that the EU will continue leading in the fight against climate change. Xie Zhenhua promised his country's support during the Warsaw climate change conference.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas