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Conference in Warsaw makes a way to the global agreement on combating climate change


It was late Saturday evening, 23 November that the two-week 19th conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Warsaw was closed (with a delay of one day). Most of decisions taken there suggest that the countries around the world will finally sign global agreement concerning combating climate change in Paris in 2015.

According to Valentinas Mazuronis, Minister of Environment of the current Presidency of Council of EU and Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Change, co-chairing joint EU delegation, “We went to Warsaw being aware that this “interim” conference is run as we get ready for the crucial meeting in Paris in 2015 and we did not event expect to resolve all the issues”. According to the Minister, the EU delegation, following difficult talks, reached a number of set targets: there is now an action plan covering the period leading to the Paris conference 2015 and an agreement reached to the effect that all countries shall come up with clear, transparent and understandable commitments on combating climate change before the conference in Paris; these commitments will be enshrined in the new legal agreement pursuant to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Although the conference in Warsaw did not prescribe legal form of the commitments, each country is still required to do “its homework”, as will the European Union on the way towards commitments until 2030.

The conference in Warsaw included most debates as to when and which commitments on combating climate change should take all, rather than just developed countries, as was the case under the previous Kyoto protocol. At the end of non-stop talks running over 1.5 days on Friday and Saturday, the participants finally agreed that all countries shall submit their commitments by Q1 2015.

The conference also adopted numerous other specific decisions. For instance, a decision was taken to set up damage and loss international mechanism, to help better protect against natural disasters and rising water level, caused by the climate change and affecting most vulnerable population groups. Conference in Warsaw also agreed on the institutional activity and funding to combat tropical rain forest deforestation and pollution caused by the extinction, long-term climate change funding programme pursuant to the Green Climate Fund, Adjustment Fund and the activity of Climate Technology Centre and Network, etc.
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, also attended the conference in Warsaw, invited all once again to make active preparations for the summit on climate issues in September 2014 in New York (called by the secretary general), while Peru capital city Lima will host 20th conference under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas