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EU housing ministers: cooperation is vital for energy efficiency


Vice-minister for Environment, Daiva Matonienė, and the State Secretary of the Brussels-capital Region, Christos Doulkeridis, opened an informal meeting of EU housing ministers “The sustainable financing of housing policies in times of crisis”, which took place on 9-10 December in Brussels.

EU housing ministers adopted a communiqué, which emphasises the impact of member states on the formation of housing policies and supports initiatives for new financial techniques and instruments and for sharing experience on financial products in the housing sector.

Member of the European Parliament, Karima Delli, pointed out that financing of long-term investments was vital for implementing the European Strategy 2020, sustainable development, employment growth and competitiveness. To ensure efficient energy consumption, effective long-term financial instruments of the financial market are required.

A representative from the European Commission, Pierre Delsaux, noted that because legislation varied from member state to member state, there was a need for common provisions to ensure energy efficiency in the housing sector.

The French Housing Minister, Cecile Duflot, supported Lithuania’s initiative on energy efficiency and renovating multi-apartment buildings. She emphasised that close cooperation between EU countries on housing renovation was of supreme relevance. The Irish Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Jan Osullivan, said that cooperation with the European Investment Bank was highly significant in this sector.

Many participants of the meeting discussed the use of different resources, an integrated approach to energy efficiency of the different industries, the benefits and challenges of housing renovation and different ways to reduce CO2 emissions to the environment.

EU ministers in charge of the housing sector unanimously underlined that cooperation and application of efficient financial instruments were absolutely necessary. They also pointed out that housing renovation was important from the economic, social, environmental, financial stability and energy security point of view.

The meeting also offered a presentation on a Sustainable Housing Strategy for 2014-2020 adopted at a meeting of the United Nations Housing Ministers in October 2013. In the latter event, Lithuania was also represented by the Vice-minister for Environment, Daiva Matonienė.

“We are prepared for serious work in terms of housing and for proactive cooperation with other EU member states, which will help us find the best solutions and ideas for our country,” Vice-minister for Environment, Daiva Matonienė, said.

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11 December 2013

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas