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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Government favours the wild boar population regulation plan of the Ministry of Environment


On the 29th of January the Government announced an emergency situation in Lazdijai, Alytus, Druskininkai, Varėna, Trakai and Šalčininkai districts on account of African swine fever. The Government has also supported the wild boar population regulation plan developed by the Ministry of Environment.

With a view to minimising the spread hazard of African swine fever (ASF) across the country, users of hunting areas that fall within the increased ASF risk zone will be assigned the task to hunt down all wild boars by the end of the 2013-2014 hunting season.

For hunting areas that are outside the ASF hazard zone recommended shooting quantities for wild boars will be defined for the 2013-2014 hunting season, comprising 90 per cent of the total population of wild boars.

“We hope that hunters are alert citizens and understand the threat of swine fever to the Lithuanian nature and economy. I have no doubts that they will respond to the call for a proactive contribution to regulating the wild boar population,” Minister of Environment Valentinas Mazuronis said. According to the minister, if reaching a compromise with the hunters fails, plans are to draft respective legal revisions to allow suspending the right of hunter clubs to use the hunting areas and inviting others to do the job.

Based on the 2013 registration figures for hunted wild animals (unlimited), the wild boar population in Lithuania was 62,000. By 26 January 2014, about 31,000 wild boars were shot. The current number of wild boars in Lithuania is estimated at about 30,000.

With a view to achieving the wild boar hunting objectives, financial incentives such as lump-sum payments for hunters per boar shot are envisaged. A minimum payment could be LTL 250. This amount would cover part of hunting costs per boar.

Based on the estimated number of wild boars, the provisional requirement to fund the incentives will comprise about LTL 7 million.

In addition, plans are to revise the Rules for Hunting in the Republic of Lithuania by providing for an additional opportunity to hunt for wild boars using the quiet driving technique by 1 April 2014. This technique will not be applied in the increased ASF hazard zone. Here stalking will be the sole available method of hunting wild boars.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas