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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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About the Ministry

Priorities of the Ministry of Environment for 2003



Horizontal priorities

  1. Accession to the EU.

  2. Sustainable development.

  3. Capacity building for the EU assistance assimilation.

  4. Public relations.

  5. Optimisation of the use of information systems.

  6. Institutional capacity building.

Priorities by topics

Environmental quality

  1. Creation of the implementation system of integrated pollution prevention and control.

  1. Reduction of negative transport impact on environment.

  2. Creation of hazardous waste management system.

  3. Organization of water resources management according to river basins.

  4. Improvement of water management state control.

  5. Creation of a control mechanism for climate change.

  6. Assurance of ambient air quality assessment and management.

  7. Organization of the implementation of the sustainable management strategy of chemical substances.

  1. Sustainable development of renewable energy sources.

Investments in environmental protection

  1. Opportune and effective assimilation of the EU financial assistance.

  2. Institutional preparation for the effective use of cohesion and structural funds.

Nature protection

  1. Establishment of ecological network “Natura 2000”.

  2. Organization of the management of the continental coast of the Baltic Sea.

  3. Development and implementation of the control system of the use of genetically modified organisms.

  1. Sustainable development and protection of fish resources.

Forest management

  1. Implementation of the programme of forest areas increase.

  2. Development of the consultation, training and education system for private forest owners and promotion of the market of provision of forestry services for forest owners.

  1. Development of forest social and ecological functions.

Territorial planning

  1. Secondary legislation provided for in the Law on Territorial Planning and development of territorial planning technical standards.

  1. Assurance of sustainable landscape formation combining the changes caused by social and economic environment development processes, prevention of negative consequences.

  1. Improvement of urban environment quality by creating favourable conditions for the development of good architecture.

Construction and housing

  1. Development of housing strategy, organization of its implementation.

  1. Improvement of a construction process as well as legal regulation of the supervision of the use of constructions.

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas