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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Climate Change Special Programme

Climate Change Special Programme: overview


On 7 July 2009 the Lithuanian Parliament adopted the Law on Financial Instruments for Climate Change Management. Chapter 3 of the law regulates the order of trading in allowances and Kyoto units. Article 10 establishes Climate Change Special Programme with a goal to raise additional funding for climate change management.

Main sources of Programme's funds are proceeds from the sale of Assigned Amount Units (AAUs) and EU Emission Allowances (EUAs). Other sources include
donations by natural and legal persons (e.g. carbon offsets) and economic penalties to operators.

Programme's funds are used in these areas according to established percentages:

  1. no less than 40% must be allocated to projects enhancing the efficiency of energy production and consumption (e.g. renovation of buildings);
  2. no less than 40% must be allocated to projects promoting the usage of renewable energy resources and the installation of environment-friendly technologies (e.g. installation of biomass boilers);
  3. the remainder is allocated towards reforestation and afforestation, education and consultation on pressing climate change issues, provision of climate finance to developing countries, implementation of measures of the national strategy on climate change management, administration of Programme funds, financing of the management of the GHG registry and other measures aimed at the effective management of climate change policy.
The Ministry of Environment was authorized by the Government to manage the funds of the Climate Change Special Programme.

The list of legal acts > Climate Change Special Programme: general legislation (in Lithuanian)

The funds of the Programme are used in accordance with the annual funding estimate, which is drafted by the Ministry of Environment. The project of the annual estimate has to be considered by both the National Committee on Climate Change (representatives from other ministries and NGOs) and the Environmental Protection Committee of the Lithuanian Parliament. This annual estimate lists key areas of Programme's investment and funds allocated to each investment area. The detailed plan of the annual estimate is approved thereafter, distributing the Programme's funds to specific financing measures and determining other financial terms and conditions. 

The list of legal acts > Climate Change Special Programme: project funding (in Lithuanian)

The data on Programme's inflows and outflows in 2011-2016 is summarised in the graph below:

Page updated: 16 Dec 2016

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas