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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Universal containers to resolve the puzzle of electronic waste


The plans are to install more than 3,600 universal-purpose electronic waste containers of various sizes in Lithuania even before 1 July. The new containers can be used to collect electronic equipment, batteries, accumulators and discharge lamps. This is the first system in Lithuania intended to collect several types of waste.

Although the residents are constantly provided with information about the sorting and processing of electronic waste, large quantities of such waste are still placed into common containers or are stored at home. It is estimated that almost 25,000 tonnes of electronic devices are acquired on a yearly basis. This means that the same amount is sooner or later discarded.

New containers.

The Electronic Distributors Association (EDA) organising the collection and processing of electronic waste expands the network of such waste collection points every year. Implementing the project funded by the Ministry of Environment, the majority of residents of Lithuanian cities and towns will be able to discard electronic waste easier – over 3,600 universal-purpose electronic waste collection containers of various sizes will be installed across the country. Each municipality will receive around 60 containers. The Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund under the Ministry of Environment allocated a total of LTL 450,000 for the acquisition of these containers.

“I take the pleasure in the fact that the Seimas has approved the plan prepared by us to introduce a deposit system for plastic and metal packaging in 2015; however, in parallel, we are further developing the waste collection system. Electronic waste is special because you cannot dispose of it anywhere and it is hard to find a place for giving it up. From now on, there will be much more of such collection points and they will be equipped in the places that are visited by many people. We will markedly push the collection of electronic waste forward”, says Minister for Environment Valentinas Mazuronis.

As Vice-Minister Almantas Petkus has said today at the press conference organised by the Ministry of Environment to present the new containers for electronic waste collection, when managing electronic waste, people do not always behave in the proper way. “Electronic toys and toothbrushes still go to dustbins for household waste. The new containers will promote a different approach to waste”, said Almantas Petkus.

According to Mantas Varaška, Head of the EDA, who participated in the press conference as well, Lithuania does not have a general and universal system for the collection of electrical and electronic equipment, battery and accumulator waste yet. A total of 550 large metal containers will be installed in various Lithuanian cities and towns. The plans are that each of these containers will collect around 250 tonnes of waste per year. Another advantage of this system is mobility. Containers, differently from the companies buying up or collecting waste, may be easily relocated. These universal containers will be installed in supermarkets and they will be maintained by workers of the information centres.

It is planned to install around 3,000 binary battery and discharge lamp collectors in public institutions, neighbourhoods or associations.

Public Information Division
23 May 2014

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas