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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Lithuania is to implement a deposit system for single-use packaging


“I am happy that the Seimas has adopted our amendments to the law on packaging and packaging waste management. The amendments will allow Lithuania to introduce a deposit system for single-use packaging", Valentinas Mazuronis, the Minister of Environment, says.

As the experience of EU countries (Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark etc.), which have a mandatory deposit system for single-use packaging, shows the system allows to collect a considerable amount (even 80-90 percent) of non-reusable packaging waste. The deposit system for single-use packaging is effectively functioning in Estonia, and Latvia has announced to introduce the system in 2015.

In Lithuania, this system will come into effect in February 2016. Until then, as it is now, the mandatory deposit can be applied only to refillable glass containers used for beer, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, mineral water and juice.

When the deposit system for single-use packaging comes into effect, producers and importers, which, in the country's internal market, release beer, beer mixes, cider, alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks (soft drinks, table water, kvass), natural mineral water, spring water, packaged drinking water, juice and nectar filled in primary single-use glass, plastic or metal containers with volume of more than one tenth of a litre but less than three litres, will have to charge a deposit for these containers.

A deposit will not be charged if the volume of a single-use packaging is less than one tenth of a litre or equals three litres and is more than three litres. An exception will be made to products which are transported or exported from Lithuania by companies or through third persons and which are subject to the deposit system, since in this case packaging waste will accumulate in another country and producers and importers will not have possibilities to return the charged deposit fee. An exception will also be made to products sold to operators or users of air, water, road and railway transport vehicles under the Lithuanian jurisdiction, which transport passengers by international routes, if such drinks are meant to be sold to and (or) consumed by passengers of transport vehicles.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas