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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Ministry of Environment earmarks LTL 2.5 million for fish restocking this year


This year, the Ministry of Environment earmarked LTL 2.5 million for fish restocking in state-owned water bodies. The public procurement procedures have already been completed and contracts are being awarded to the suppliers of young fish.

“To ensure that everything goes as smoothly and transparently as possible we invite fishermen and residents to take part in stocking. Information on the place and time of stocking will be published on the website of the Ministry of Environment”, said Vice-minister of Environment Linas Jonauskas.

The approved fish stocking programme provides that fish resources will be enlarged in more than 200 water bodies. Under the project of Žvejybos Rojus, lakes in Zarasai and Molėtai municipalities will be restocked to a higher degree than other water bodies.

There 144,000 offspring of pikeperch, 278,000 pike, 204,000 catfish and 77,000 tench will be stocked. 86,000 carp will be stocked in ponds. Where water bodies have overgrown vegetation, 14,000 grass carp and 4,000 bighead carp will be stocked.

Only fish which were born this year and before will be used as they have a much higher survival rate than larvae.

The stocking will be controlled strictly to ensure than no sick fish enter water bodies. According to the established veterinary requirements fish may be released to water bodies for restocking only if they are clinically healthy, originate from the place which does not have increased mortality, originate from an area or group of places where no outbreak of a disease in aquaculture animals has been declared. The State Food and Veterinary Service controls compliance with the established requirements as the supplier of fish for restocking must provide the relevant documents confirming that the fish are healthy. Samples are taken to check the health status of fish.

In order to prevent potential fraud, the stocking process itself will also be controlled. The responsible officials have been appointed in regional environmental departments who will be present during the weighing and loading of young fish to transportation containers and their release into water bodies.

To ensure that the financial resources available for the recovery and preservation of fish resources are used as rationally as possible, research of fish stocks in water bodies of Žvejybos Rojus in Zarasai and Molėtai, Kaunas Reservoir and other water bodies will be carried out this year. They will help assess the impact of recreational and commercial fishing on the status of fish stocks in the water bodies concerned. Recommendations will be made concerning the regulation of fishing, fish restocking, plans for the use and recovery of fish stocks in every water body in 2015–2020.

Last year was the first time when the Ministry of Environment provided funds for fish restocking of water bodies in Lithuania. LTL 1.15 million was allocated for that purpose. LTL 2.5 million was earmarked for fish restocking this year.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas