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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Many a visitor to the protected areas has noted that the visitors’ centres of national and regional parks offer local products such as honey, herbal teas, spices from the meadows, eco-friendly soaps, etc. Locally grown and collected produce is marked with a product label – an ethnographic bird, which can now be found on quite a few products and services in Rambynas national park.

The Rambynas regional park product label (just like those of other national and regional parks) aims to draw visitors’ attention to local products and services, traditional crafts and natural and cultural values. Quality and authentic presentation of products such as accommodation, tour guiding services or traditional craftwork largely contribute to the positive impressions from visiting the protected areas.

Back in spring, the directorate of Rambynas national park issued a call for proposals to obtain a product label of Rambynas regional park. Seven proposals were received from the park’s community, companies and organisations.

Proposals came in from three sole proprietors and four companies. Kazimieras Žemgulis from Bitėnai village wanted to use the label for his famous Bitėnai honey whose quality no one dares to doubt about. Drąsutis Brazauskas was eager to label the products from the apiary in the Šereiklaukis wood. Elena Smulkienė, who lives in Mažrimaičių village, was intending to label candles made from natural bee wax. Vilkyškės community decided to place the product label on its teas.

AB Vilkyškių pieninė is planning to put the Rambynas regional park product label on its diary products of exceptional quality which make the region of Lithuania Minor famous. Vilkyškių diary keeps with the old milk processing tradition.

AB Senasis Rambynas is prepared to attach the park’s product label to accommodation and catering services that are available at the old homestead of Bardėnai rural school sited in the Rambynas landscape reserve. UAB Agrūnė was eager to label the hotchpotch which is cooked during the Hotchpotch Festival to an original recipe and its usage tradition, i.e. an exclusive catering service.

According to director of Rambynas national park, Diana Milašauskienė, the local product label will raise visitors’ awareness of the products and services Rambynas regional park has to offer. It will be easily recognisable on the national scale because the “bird” symbol is common to all the local products of Lithuania’s protected areas.

Products and services bearing a Protected Area product label are promoted at visitors’ centres and on the interactive map called “Keliaujantiems lėtai” (“For Slow Travellers”), which provide the contact details of the label users along with a brief description of the products and services.

It will now be easier for travellers visiting national and regional parks to find quality services and authentic region-specific organic products. Dzūkija national park, for instance, is popular for traditional black pottery wares and organic herbal tea.

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas