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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Results of Lašiša-2014 campaign


After running for almost three months, the campaign called “Lašiša-2014” (Eng. Salmon-2014) ended last week. Environmentalists, part-time environmental inspectors, police and frontier officers and representatives from the Shooters Union contributed to the success of the campaign which ran from 1 September to 20 November and were protecting the migration paths and spawning of salmon and sea trout. The communities did not remain indifferent, either.

Once 320 raids were arranged and 2,700 fishermen were inspected, 78 were found not to have permits for amateur fishing. Thirty-nine of the 194 administrative offences detected as part of the campaign are equated to gross violations. Gross violations recorded during the last year’s campaign accounted for 12 per cent of all the recorded violations as compared to 20 per cent this year. Offenders who were fishing without permits made up about 3 per cent of all inspected fishermen, just as last year.

“A growing number of gross violations shows that we must focus more on protecting this fish. We will revise legislation so that poachers who fish during the spawning period also lose their vehicles which are used for that purpose. In addition, we are considering imposing fines on unlawful sale and purchase of salmon," vice-minister for environment, Linas Jonauskas, said.

Those who were fishing illegally during the Lašiša-2014 campaign will have to cover the damage caused to the fish resources, valued at more than LTL 30,000. The greatest damage to salmon resources was caused by undisciplined fishers in the Vilnius region, recording LTL 20,000.

Environmentalists were watching one of these offenders in an ambush for as long as 2 days. He will have to pay damage of more than LTL 13,000 for two spawning female salmons caught using a forbidden hooking method in Žeimena state ichtyological reserve. On top of all that, the offender is subject to a fine of up to LTL 2,000. On the 14th of November, officials stopped a representative from the Fisheries Service to find heads of two salmons in his car. The environmentalists of Vilnius region have applied to the law enforcement authorities regarding this violation.

Offenders in Klaipėda region will be charged LTL 7,500 of damage to the natural environment. One of them was caught with two sea trout in his net and will have to pay damage amounting to LTL 4,000. He is also subject to a fine in the maximum amount of LTL 1,000 and to a confiscation of his aids and tools.

Offenders caught during the Lašiša-2014 campaign will also lose 8 boats, 33 nets, 4 hooking instruments and more than 80 other amateur fishing tools.

“Part-time environmental inspectors made a great contribution to the success of Lašiša-2014. We are extremely grateful to them and welcome everyone to join them,” Mr Jonauskas said.

Although Lašiša-2014 has already come to an end, protection of salmonid river sections will continue due to prolonged spawning of salmon. Noticed violations should be reported immediately to the emergency line 112.

Public information division
25 November 2014

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas