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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Municipal mayors recognised and awarded for renovation progress


At today’s meeting with municipal mayors at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania to discuss this year’s results of the renovation of multi-apartment buildings, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius gave a lot of credit to the municipalities and their directors for achieving more since 2013 than for a nearly whole decade of renovation. At the meeting, the Minister of Environment, Kęstutis Trečiokas, Vice-minister for environment, Daiva Matonienė, and the director of the Housing Energy Saving Agency, Valius Serbenta, also extended their thanks to the mayors for their efforts and commitment to ‘rolling out’ modernisation at their municipalities.

Several dozens of municipalities were awarded for their progress in renovation.

Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius awarded nine most proactive participants of the Multi-apartment Building Renovation Programme:
Ignalina district municipality for being a role model and assistance to its counterparts in implementing programmes to improve energy efficiency,
Jonava district municipality for the first steps in block renovation,
Druskininkai municipality for urban solutions,
Vilkaviškis district municipality for a breakthrough with projects to improve the energy efficiency of multi-apartment buildings (not a single multi-apartment building was renovated in Vilkaviškis before 2014 whereas 52 renovation projects have now been developed, 6 of which are nearing completion),
Tauragė district municipality for an excellent example of implementing projects to improve the energy efficiency of multi-apartment buildings by combining the old and the new renovation models,
Marijampolė municipality for the progress achieved (80 projects have now been developed and contracting work is taking place in about 14 buildings),
Alytus city municipality for patience in dealing with residents in a consistent and targeted way,
Telšiai district municipality for Samogitian persistence in implementing multi-apartment building renovation projects,
Varėna district municipality for the ability to inspire the residents.

Minister of Environment, Kęstutis Trečiokas, opened the ceremony of awards set up by the Housing Energy Saving Agency with a surprise. “Iit is the first time that bicycles roll into the Renaissance Hall of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania throughout its history. They are a gift to Molėtai district and Druskininkai municipalities for the best results in 2014 with the Multi-apartment Building Renovation Programme,” the minister said. These efforts have resulted in developing the highest number of investment plans and agreeing them with the residents, the greatest amount of contracted work and the highest number of buildings to be renovated by the end of this year compared to other municipalities.

The minister also awarded regional leaders by the scope of completed renovation: the municipalities of Tauragė district, Anykščiai district, Vilnius and Kaunas cities, Marijampolė and Telšiai disctricts, Kupiškis district, Varėna district, Palanga city and Kelmė district. Awards for initiating block renovation went to Birštonas, Utena and Biržai district municipalities. They took initiative to refocus renovation from single multi-apartment buildings to whole residential blocks. This includes upgrading of underground networks (heating systems and water supply, sewerage and rainwater networks), renovation of pavements, parking lots and playgrounds and setting up parterres and green zones.

Mažeikiai, Joniškis, Kretinga and Ukmergė district municipalities were acknowledged for building the best renovation teams. They received special prizes from the Ministry of Environment. A prize called “Fenix 2014” went to the municipalities of Kalvarija and Skuodas districts. They showed an example of how one can accelerate the renovation process, which floundered before the beginning of this year.

Acknowledgements for the greatest contribution to the Multi-apartment Building Renovation Programme in 2014 were handed out to Kaunas, Plungė, Panevėžys, Prienai, Šilalė and Šilutė district municipalities. Acknowledgements for the highest progress in 2014 were awarded to Alytus district, Klaipėda district, Pasvalys district, Radviliškis district, Rietavas, Rokiškis district, Šakiai district, Šiauliai district, Jurbarkas district, Šalčininkai district and Švenčionys district municipalities and for initiative to Elektrėnai, Kaišiadorys district, Kėdainiai district, Lazdijai district, Raseiniai district, Širvintos district, Trakai district and Šiauliai city municipalities.

Letters of acknowledgement also went to the heads of organisations which have contributed to renovation: Valdas Bancevičius, directof of the network development department at AB Lesto, Albinas Vaitkevičius, director of UAB Sistela, Vytautas Papinigis, director of UAB Projektų ekspertizė, Robertas Encius, director of SE Certification Centre for Construction Products, Dalius Gedvilas, president of the Lithuanian Builders Association, and Laura Nalivaikienė, head of the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate reporting to the Ministry of Environment.

Public information division
25 November 2014

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas