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Pomerania gives proof of ungrounded fear of shale gas


A group of Lithuanian representatives, including Daiva Matonienė, Vice-Minister of Environment, Jonas Satkūnas, Director of the Lithuanian Geological Survey, specialists from the Ministry of Environment, members of communities concerned from Šilutė and Tauragė districts and journalists, who visited the Pomerania region at the end of last week, were interested to see how Poland has performed shale gas exploration, what our neighbours have achieved and what they could advise.

The two-day visit began with a meeting with Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of Pomerania. Speaking about the extraction of shale gas in Poland, he noted that initially there had been many protests and much uncertainty; however, all that disappeared after a dialogue with the local community had been opened successfully. The community approved the extraction of shale gas when they were introduced to the benefit the gas would bring. According to Mieczysław Struk, local communities should receive explanations and proof of protection of the environment from the possible negative impact during the exploration process.

‘I hope that the trip was useful to the representatives of several Samogitian communities that so far have been sceptical about the possibility of exploring shale gas in the areas where they reside. We are keeping the promise given to these communities to show them at first hand how shale gas exploration is done in neighbouring Poland. Their members who went there directly witnessed how reality was different from the frightful myths, and will be able to share their impressions with the communities,’ said Vice-Minister Daiva Matonienė.

At the meetings with residents of Krokowa and Choczewo, the representatives of the Šilutė and Tauragė district communities had an opportunity to hear first-hand answers about the neighbourhood of the shale sector and its advantages and impact, and to clarify whether the concerns they had were grounded.

According to Henryk Doering, Mayor of Krokowa, shale gas exploration has been conducted since 2010 in the territory of this tourist town. Despite the drilling works, the flow of visitors to Krokowa has not slowed down. On the contrary, the town has achieved even more acclaim. It is constantly visited not only by tourists but also by delegations that want to become familiar with the shale gas exploration technology.

The Lithuanian representatives became acquainted with concrete shale gas exploration works and the technology used for that during their visits to the Lubocino and Lublewo wells.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas