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Lithuanian culinary heritage at the exposition EXPO 2015 already draws attention of almost 100,000 visitors


For two weeks Lithuania has already been presenting its cultural and culinary heritage to visitors at the universal exposition EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy. It is estimated that the number of visitors at the Lithuanian pavilion is approaching 100,000.

“We protect and value our culture and traditions and culinary heritage that are only characteristic of us, Lithuanians. Now we have an opportunity to present all that to the world and we are really glad that we have aroused the interest of so many visitors at the world exposition,” said Minister of Environment, Kęstutis Trečiokas.

The guides who welcome visitors at the pavilion are true ambassadors of Lithuanian culture and culinary heritage. They invite visitors to have a tour around it, take note of the most interesting details and encourage guests to stop by the tasting hall and try some Lithuanian traditional drinks and dishes.

Visitors of Lithuania’s pavilion at the world exposition have already tried Lithuanian cheeses and traditional rye bread. Now they are invited to taste apple juice and traditional alcoholic beverages.

According to Romas Jankauskas, Commissioner General for Lithuania’s exposition at EXPO 2015, our pavilion offers not only treats but also interesting entertainment and an opportunity for visitors to become familiar with the culture of our country.

Last week, visitors at the pavilion were introduced to folk art where a weaver of sashes, Vita Babičienė, demonstrated her artistry. Her sashes especially caught the female attention. Italian women were asking for what sashes were used and how widespread this craft in present-day Lithuania was. Everybody was amazed at the artist’s accuracy and ingenuity. Visitors could also see a presentation of the art of the multi-instrumentalist Sauliaus Petreikis.

Visitors of Lithuania’s pavilion can also acquire souvenirs of their liking such as clay bells, ceramic articles, wooden angels, etc.

The number of tickets sold to the world exposition EXPO 2015 has already climbed over 11 million. Every day sees more and more shops opening and new pavilions being completed, with restaurants opening their doors. From today, 15 May, visitors of EXPO 2015 will be able to see performances of the circus Cirque du Soleil.

Today, the Czechs are among the first to organise their National Day at EXPO 2015. Next week will see the National Days of Switzerland, Montenegro and Morocco.

For more information about Lithuania’s pavilion at EXPO 2015, please see

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas