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New exposition about Dieveniškės region on display at the regional park visitor centre


The day after tomorrow, 29 May, a new exposition will be opened at 11 a.m. at the visitor centre of Dieveniškės Historical Regional Park (Centrinė Str. 2, Poškonys vil., Šalčininkai distr.) that introduces natural and cultural assets of this park and the archaic region of Dieveniškės.

This region is characterised by flat hill-sides and spacious valleys. It stayed beyond the reach of the last ice age. The highest place of the park measures as many as 262.6 m above sea level. The ethnographic landscape of the villages was shaped by the Valakas reform carried out in the 16th century. In the valley of the River Gauja and the hilly areas between Poškonys and Dieveniškės there lie even thirteen villages arranged in several groups, with dwellings situated on one street and featuring a well-preserved type of land management in the form of land strips.

At the visitor centre, a person is guided from one to another exhibit by a butterfly and a belt called a “strap” (“our fields stretched like straps…”). On the first floor, the dominating display features tourist and nature information with nature sounds such as rustling and rippling. The spatial model of the park shows tourist destinations and educational trails. It suggests visiting the Bėčionys hill-fort, burial mounds, mythological stones, the Grybiškės oak-tree, the nature trail of the River Gauja, the ethnographic villages of Rimašiai and Žižmiai and other interesting sites of this region. The map highlights all tourist trails for pedestrians, cyclers and drivers.

Leading a visitor to the second floor of the visitor centre, the belt turns into a street of a village with land arranged in strips. Here one can get familiar with the structure of such a village, buildings of farm estates, small architecture and crafts and household utensils typical of this region, and listen to the Dieveniškės dialect.

The new exposition has been set up using support of the EU structural funds.

Public Information Division

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas