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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Results of environmental raids: 500 checks and hundreds of violations found


To discipline citizens who follow improper waste management practices and drivers who park their cars anywhere in nature, environmentalists have carried out more than 500 checks in the recent months. Fines imposed on the offenders have exceeded EUR 4 000 in total.

During the last two months, environmental officers in Lithuania have been watching closely whether residents manage green waste in a proper way and comply with the ban on burning such waste. The officers have also instructed the population on the correct management and composting of this waste. These steps are aimed at reducing air pollution and encouraging people to follow adequate waste management practices.

In almost 200 raids the environmentalists have identified more than 40 violations and imposed nearly EUR 650 worth of fines. Most of the violations were found and the fines were imposed on offenders by officers from the Marijampolė and Kaunas Regional Environmental Protection Departments (EUR 281 and 16 violations, and EUR 99 and 6 violations respectively).

The environmentalists remind everyone that the burning of dry grass, reeds, fallen tree leaves, straw and arable crop and gardening waste in breach of the environmental requirements entails a fine of EUR 28 to EUR 231.

During the checks on the drivers’ compliance with the parking rules launched at the beginning of summer, the officers organised almost 350 raids and identified the same number of violations. Most of the violations were found on the coast where officers of the Klaipėda region had recorded more than 120 of them. Undisciplined drivers with cars parked too close to water bodies or on forest undergrowth or moss received fines totalling about EUR 3 500.

The environmentalists note that violations of the water protection requirements and parking directly on the coast are expensive pleasures that can result in a notice or a fine of up to EUR 144. The parking requirements for vehicles should be honoured not only at water bodies or on the coast but also in a forest, wood or city, to be exact throughout the territory of the country. Control on whether forest visitors park their cars correctly and in accordance with the requirements is the foresters’ responsibility. Foresters note that vehicles can only be left at special parking places or on forest roadsides. Driving on forest undergrowth and off-road is prohibited.

The Ministry of Environment reminds that illegal driving on a grass cover is punishable by a notice or a fine of EUR 14 to EUR 144. Parking of vehicles in forests or off-road driving results in a notice or a fine of EUR 14 to EUR 57, whereas in case of such a violation in a protected area a fine between EUR 86 and EUR 144 is imposed.

Any violations noticed should be reported at the emergency number 112 or directly to environmentalists at the phone number (8-5) 273 2995 of the Information Receipt and Management Centre at the State Environmental Protection Service.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas