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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Global Lithuanian Economic Forum on renovation experience and challenges in Lithuania


At a session of discussions on energy independence and assurance of economic growth of the Global Lithuanian Economic Forum that opened in Israel’s capital Tel Aviv yesterday, Lithuanian and Israeli representatives presented their actions and achievements in strengthening this independence. The participants of the forum were introduced to the experience of both countries in building energy markets, and developing and implementing new technologies and possibilities for their use.

The building renovation programme implemented in our country, its importance in increasing energy efficiency and possibilities for the application of innovative technologies were presented by the Vice-Minister of Environment, Daiva Matonienė.

According to her, at present as many as 75 pct of buildings in the European Union are not energy efficient. Therefore each state should devote particularly great attention to their renovation. The representatives of Israeli and Lithuanian business organisations and research institutes attending the forum were familiarised with the renovation of buildings in our country that has been particularly active in recent years. Its success is indicated by noticeable progress. First of all, the owners of residential space are the beneficiaries as energy consumption is cut by 50–70 pct. Secondly, the country’s economic growth is promoted. Thirdly, natural resources are used in a sustainable manner, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and climate change is combated this way.

The audience took an interest in the information presented in the Vice-Minister’s report concerning the terms of obtaining funding for the renovation of buildings, the new aspects related to benefits for the low-income population, and the contribution of the JESSICA programme to the promotion of sustainable investments and job growth.

The participants of the forum were familiarised with the prospects of building renovation in Lithuania. These include systematic modernisation of residential quarters involving the renovation of the residential environment and infrastructure, a higher energy efficiency class of buildings, and projects that would bring residents of renovated houses 94-percent savings of energy needed for heating and conditioning.

Daiva Matonienė noted that our country’s success in building modernisation was dependent on all participants of the renovation process. With a view to attracting more investments to Lithuania, the Israeli representatives were invited to begin cooperation in the sphere of renovation. The Vice-Minister is hopeful that Israel will express an interest in the presented opportunities and propose innovative technological solutions for construction, building renovation and related installation of modern systems to Lithuania.

The Global Lithuanian Economic Forum has continued its work today, focusing mostly on innovation, synergy of business and science, new technologies, research, strengthening of Lithuanian-Israeli relations and new cooperation opportunities.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas