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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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A new visitors’ centre at Vištytis Regional Park


Today, at 14.00, A new visitors’ centre shall be opened at Vištytis Regional Park (Vytauto g. 8, Vištytis). It will feature an exposition Kalvotoji Suvalkija, offering visitors a glimpse of natural and cultural heritage values, to be found in the park.

Vištytis Regional Park is a rolling corner amidst the plains of Suvalkija. In this border region of Lithuania, the landscape of the park squeezed tightly between Poland and Russia, was formed by some very active ice masses, all during the last ice age. The masses of ice, having steadily traversed the entire Suvalkija region and formed its endless plains, then got carried away in the vicinity of Vištytis, which it formed the highest section of Suvalkai moraine highlands to be found in Lithuania, i.e. Vištytis-Danube ridge. Highest hills area all located in the southern section of the park, including the Danube mountain (285 m), Janauka (282.9 m), and Pavištytis mountain (282.4 m).

You can now start your tour in the hills of Suvalkija from the exposition offered by the visitors’ centre. During this trip, visitors shall be accompanied by a cheeping chicken (vištytis), since this is how the residents of Suvalkija region call any given bird.

Once you have had an overview of the points of interest at Vištytis Regional Park, courtesy of the visitors’ centre, you can then proceed, either on your own, or accompanies by a ranger, to get to know this protected area. Both cycle and foot paths will take you wandering across the hills of Suvalkija, close to lakes (both smaller and larger), swamps, contingents of rocks, the big stone of Vištytis, the holy spring, hill forts, and hills with observation sites. The observation site of the three lakes gives you a chance to cover the three lakes, and Rominta wood to be found across Vištytis lake.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas