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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Outcome of the Lašiša campaign


After almost 3 months, the campaign Lašiša (Salmon), seeking to protect migration paths and spawning of salmon and sea trouts, came to an end. The campaign included over 500 raids, and checks of over 4,000 fishermen.

Throughout the campaign, the environmentalists ran raids, patrolled fish migration and spawning spots, stopped and checked vehicles. In a period of almost 3 months, over 500 raids and checks of over 4,000 fishermen were run. In 2015, the number of offenders caught in unlicensed fishing amounted to approx. 2% of all the fishermen subject to inspection, while in 2014 and 2013, this number was approx. 3%.

The offenders apprehended during Lašiša-2015 campaign, lost 13 boats, 27 nets, 4 detachable fishing tools, and other 90 tools of amateur fishing. Almost 2,700 reports on administrative offences were issued.

Those caught fishing illegally during the campaign Lašiša-2015 will be liable to reimburse the damage caused to the fish stocks exceeding EUR 22,000. In 2014, the value of damage caused to the environment by the offenders was approx. EUR 9,000.

Officials of the Living Nature Protection Inspectorate at Utena Region Environmental Protection Department apprehended fishermen engaged in electrofishing. Police was involved to run searches at their residence. A search conducted at a residence of an offender found 9 0.5 litre jars containing salmon caviar, 3 units of gutted salmon, 1 sea trout, 1 electrofishing device, and 2 portable radios, used to ensure this offence goes undetected. A search at another residence revealed 17 bottom-set nets, 2 fyke nets, a component of electrofishing device (a bucket with cables), and a few meters of negative cable. Environmentalists of Vilnius Region also apprehended several electrofishing offenders. Search at their residence and auxiliary premises also found a range of other illegal fishing and hunting tools, including bottom-set gillnet, a gaff, eyelets, while the freezer contained 3 salmonids.

Inspectors of Klaipėda Region Environmental Department caught fishermen using nets. The inspectors ran an ambush and apprehended some individuals who have caught, using nets, 10 sea trouts and 5 breams. The value of damage caused to the environment by the offenders exceeded EUR 6,600.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas