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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Some 50 apartment buildings renovated each month


The latest data suggest that successful implementation of the apartment building renovation programme has resulted in renovation of 202 apartment buildings in 2016 nationwide, coming to approx. 50 units per month. These are the best indicators ever, since the renovation started over a decade ago.

Analysis of the outcomes of the renovation over the last few years clearly suggests that for the most part, the renovation projects are implemented based on municipal programmes. Since 2013, there were 940 apartment buildings renovated nationwide, including 681 units renovated based on the new model.

D. Matonienė, vice-minister of Environment, says she is happy with the outcomes of the renovation. “What we seek to accomplish, on the long run, is the pace at which the renovation is going, creation of jobs and a boost to the national economy. In 2016, we expect to renovate a total of 800 houses, or 30% more than last year. I am convinced that involvement of local municipalities into the apartment building renovation programme was a key to get the renovation past the road block”.

The fact that it was the new renovation model that served for a jump-start of the apartment building renovation programme, after years of lagging, relies on specific outcomes, since the apartment building renovation programme is implemented predominantly via municipalities.

Ignalina district municipality tops the list with 68 apartment buildings renovated; Vilnius city municipality comes next (55 apartment buildings renovated), followed by Kaunas city municipality (51 apartment buildings), Klaipėda city municipality (48 apartment buildings), Druskininkai municipality (42 apartment buildings), Molėtai district municipality (36 apartment buildings apartment buildings), Tauragė district municipality (34 apartment buildings), Alytus city municipality (29 apartment buildings), Kaunas district municipality (29 apartment buildings), Jonava district municipality (27 apartment buildings), and last, by Kelmė district municipality and Panevėžys city municipality (26 apartment buildings renovated each).

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas