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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Schoolchildren have had a test of the Minister’s seat


Today, schoolchildren Raminta Augustėnaitė from Ukmergė and Mantas Misiūnas from Šiauliai, involved in the project of Schoolchildren to the Government 2016 (Moksleiviai – į Vyriausybę 2016) have had a test of the seat of the Minister of Environment, had an interview with the Minister Kęstutis Trečiokas on environmental matters, and found it rather demanding.

Out of 30 schoolchildren from across the country, these two have chosen the Ministry of Environment. The schoolchildren selected will spend a full week at the Government. Both Raminta and Mantas will have an opportunity to learn of activities by the Ministry of Environment and subordinate institutions, special features of the operation, and put themselves to a test while performing a number of tasks.

The Government has been running the project of Schoolchildren to the Government for eight consecutive years now, in cooperation with the National Student Academy, Lithuanian Union of Schoolchildren, and the Parliament of Lithuanian Schoolchildren. The contest was open to every pro-active, outgoing, and performing schoolchildren in their last year, and present graduates from secondary schools (both local and based abroad). The Commission has examined 200 contestants for the project and has selected 30 most talented ones, giving them an opportunity to discover daily operation of the Government or a ministry of their choice, and to interact directly with the officials and the managers of the relevant authority.

A future student Raminta Augustėnaitė, a guest at the Ministry of Environment, has attended 3 annual Olympics of biology, and this year, was awarded with a title of smart environmentalist. She is marine girl scout, and a volunteer at the youth leisure centre of Ukmergė.

Graduate Mantas Misiūnas was also present at the Olympics of biology, and came the first in Šiauliai, and second, in the Olympics of chemistry. He came third in the national stage of the Young Scientist Contest of the EU, thanks to his research paper of the response demonstrated by horse-chestnut leaf miners to a range of solutions. Since 2012, Mantas has volunteered at the Centre of Young Environmentalists in Šiauliai, helps tending animals, and conducts excursions.
While visiting the Ministry of Environment Raminta and Mantas have had a meeting with Linas Jonauskas, Vice-minister, paid a visit to the Department of water, Department of Protected Areas and Landscape, Department of Waste, and Division of Nature Protection. They are then expected to visit the State Protected Areas Service, the Lithuanian Geological Survey, the Directorate General of State Forests, and the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service.

The purpose of the project Schoolchildren to the Government is to encourage youth to take interest in the activities of public authorities, decision making, and promote involvement in political processes.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas