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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Only energy performance class A from 1st November


The Ministry of Environment notes that the energy performance class A requirements for new buildings are coming into effect from 1st November. The requirements must be complied with if the request for the granting of the document permitting construction (DPC) or written approval of an authorised public servant for a building design is submitted after 1st November.

Thus the main issue is the date of document submission rather than the date when the design process began or the construction permit was granted. It is this date that will determine which energy performance requirements are applied.

If the DPC is not compulsory, the reference point is the beginning of construction operations. In this case the energy performance class A requirements will apply where the operations began after 1st November.

Following each registration for an application for the granting of the DPC, a check will be conducted whether all required documents have been submitted, whether the applicant has the right to be the developer and whether the special land use conditions determined for the land parcel are entered in the Real Property Register. Where not all compulsory documents have been submitted, the applicant will be notified of that no later than within 3 working days, and the DPC granting procedure will be resumed only on receiving all the required documents. If a request for the granting of the DPC is submitted on or before 1st November but not with all the required documents which will be provided later, the requirement for the construction of a building of at least energy performance class A will not apply.

The energy performance requirements for buildings under reconstruction, renovation or repair will undergo no changes. If the price of such operations which restore or improve the physical and energy properties of a building’s partitions or utility systems accounts for more than 25% of the value of the building, excluding the land parcel on which the property is situated, at least energy performance class C is required. In case of ordinary repairs (change of windows and doors, insulation of walls, etc.), the energy performance requirements for achieving at least class C only apply to the elements being changed. This means that these elements are to meet the requirements for elements in class C buildings.

It is noteworthy that there are some buildings not covered by the minimum energy performance requirements. These include cultural heritage objects if compliance with the requirements would result in undesirable changes of their characteristics or appearance, as well as buildings for religious activities, buildings used for production and industry, warehousing or agriculture with low energy consumption, non-dwelling structures and free-standing buildings of the total useful floor area of not more than 50 sq. m. Neither do the minimum energy performance requirements apply to unheated buildings designed for recreational or gardening needs and used not more than four months a year.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas