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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Environmental Project Management Agency marks 15 years


The Environmental Project Management Agency (EPMA) under the Ministry of Environment, which manages the environmental sector projects financed by the EU funds and the state, has already entered into the sixteenth year of its activities.

These activities are best described by figures. For example, following the implementation of projects on the development of water supply and wastewater management infrastructure, more than 200 000 residents have been connected to new wastewater collection networks, and about 150 000 people to new water supply networks. The value of water management projects implemented with investments of the EU funds amounts to almost EUR 1 bln.

The funds used for the development of Lithuania’s modern waste management system are way over EUR 300 mln. As many as 807 old landfills not meeting the present-day requirements have been closed and replaced with 11 modern ones.

Some project results have exceeded the expectations. For example, instead of the planned 33 bulky waste collection sites, almost twice as many or 53 sites have been outfitted for this purpose. The number of green waste composting sites installed has also increased from the expected 34 to 52. Municipal waste treatment plants with an annual capacity of 937 000 tonnes, as well as 11 sludge treatment and 10 composting installations have been built.

Also large EU funds or more than EUR 200 mln. have been allocated to nature management projects. These funds have been used to improve the status of water bodies, remediate polluted areas, protect and maintain biodiversity and landscape, etc. The protected areas have been outfitted with 22 visitor centres, and 485 orphaned and neglected buildings have been pulled down.

Last year, the EPMA in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment became the successful tenderer in as many as three tendering procedures for the EU Twinning Programme projects. The project devoted to Macedonia’s water management will be implemented together with Austrian and Dutch specialists, the project on the Georgian forestry sector with Hungarians, and the project on waste management in Serbia with Austrians and Swedes.
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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas