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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Earth Day celebration programme in Lithuania. 2006



20 MARCH, 2006, 20:27
Motto – „Solutions to Climate Change“


February 1- March 27 national contest for children „Earth is Our Native House“:
· electronic card contest;
· exhibition of winners works in the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania ;
· winners award.

March 16-17 EU Young Scientists Contest (Lithuanian Young Naturalist Centre) – National Round:
· pupils contest of literary writings about nature;
· national young scientists contest ;
· winners award.

March 16-20 – lectures at Vilnius Planetarium:
· „Spring Equinox“
· „Earth and Other Planets“

March 17-20 festival in Vilnius Teacher’s House:
· concert of pupils (March 17)
· concert-ecological action „Sky is for birds, Earth is for people“ (March 20)

March 19-20 World Earth Day festival organized by the Ministry of Environment:
March 19 12.00 Cinema Theatre „Coca Cola Plaza“:
· concert of the performers of the National Children's Songs Contest;
· raise of the World Earth Day’s flag and spring equinox bells ringing;
· greetings of the Minister of Environment of Lithuania;
· exposition of children's creations made from waste and recycling products „Sort and Care“;
· nature thematic films showing ex-gratia to schoolchildren, local community, young naturalists.
March 20 World Earth Day Flag raising at Vilnius Independence Square (Gedimino av 53).
April – ecological action:
· conference to journalists dedicated to climate change and other environmental protection problems;
· reforestation action.

March 17-April 21 Action „The Earth Month“ in Panevėžys city:
· Contest and exhibition of placards „Don’t Let Desert the Earth“, children contest „Bird - a Seer of the Spring“ (March 17-April 7)
· Exposition of plants and flowers „Bunch to the Earth“ (March 20)
· Children concert in Panevėžys Music Theatre (March 20)
· Earth Day Festival in Panevėžys Schoolchildren Palace (March 20)
· Exposition of pupils photographs contest „Share the World With Others“ (March 20)
· Nesting-boxes creation contest „Donate the Nest to a Bird“ and winners award; opening of Eleonora Saroci (Hungary) paintings exposition “Orchids for the Earth Day“ (March 22)
· Action „Help to Winter Birds“ and the conference „Results of Winter Works“ (March 30)
· Children festival „Earth Needs Friends“ (April 5)
· Children environmental projects contest „Economize Energy“ (April 20)
· Environmental action „Let it be Clean“ (April)
· Children concert dedicated to the Earth Month (April 21)

March 20 Action in Anykščiai region (Jaunimo g.3, Traupis, Anykščių r.):
· festival;
· childre contests;
· exposition of biological track which task is to save amphibian population in Traupis

March 20 World Earth Day festival in University of Agriculture of Lithuania
· Exposition and contest of photo compositions „Earth is our home“
· Earth Day flag raising
· Quiz of students „Earth is our home“

March 20-April 6 Nesting-boxes creation contest and Birds Welcoming Festival (Kaunas T. Ivanauskas zoological museum):
· Kaunas schoolchildren action „Create a Nesting-box by Yourself“
· nesting-boxes exposition
· winners award and festival

March 20 Naujoji Akmenė Branch of the Association for the Adornment of Lithuania :
· ceremony dedicated to the World Earth Day, Earth Day Flag raising, spring bells ringing;
· quiz „Human Being is a Child of the Earth“;
· contest „Earth, Water, Animals, Plants“;
· Earth flag raising ceremony;
· oaths of young naturalists to safeguard the Earth.

March 28 d. Public institution „Žaliasis taškas“ and Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre project „Small Princes and Princesses of the Earth“:
· drawing contest;
· birds welcoming action;
· children concert;
· greetings of representatives of the public institution „Žaliasis taškas“ and the Ministry of Environment;
· winners award.

April 29 – National Kites Festival in Kaunas region:
· practical seminars dedicated to the construction of kites (March- April);
· drawing contest;
· exhibition of drawings and kites;
· concert and kite festival.

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas