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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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New requirements for waste managers come into force


Amendments to the Rules on waste management have come into force as from 1 April of this year.

The amended Rules include new requirements for hazardous waste managers. From now on hazardous waste storage sites will be required to have a liquid resistant covering and be installed to prevent pollutants from entering the environment with surface runoff. It will not be allowed to keep hazardous waste in underground storage facilities unless some protection is installed to keep waste isolated from soil and a leakage monitoring system is in place. A hazardous waste storage site now has to be fenced and protected to keep strangers out of the territory. In addition, such a site must have a shelter (except places for keeping end-of-life vehicles) to protect waste from precipitation, direct sunrays, wind and other negative weather elements. Premises where hazardous waste is stored must be ventilated.

Companies engaged in the recovery or disposal of waste, including enterprises that prepare waste for recovery or disposal, must have a technical regulation on the recovery and disposal of waste. The Rules on waste management contain an approved new form of the regulation which must be filled in according to Annex 5 to the Rules. The Ministry of Environment wants to remind that the holder of a permit must, not later than within 10 working days from the change of the data in the regulation, inform the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in writing about the changed data and submit an updated regulation. The EPA will agree on the regulation within 10 working days or issue an instruction to eliminate its shortcomings.

The amendments to the Rules also stipulate that the waste management activity “preparation for reuse”, where waste products or their components are checked, treated or rectified with a view to making them suitable for reuse without any pre-treatment, is assigned code R101.

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Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas