Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania


Legal obstacles for mercury


Yesterday the Government passed a resolution to enforce the provisions of the EU regulation on mercury that became effective as of January 1st. The Environmental Protection Agency (AAA) was charged with the implementation of the tasks attributed to national competent authorities by this EU act.

Public consultation on pollinators


The European Commission opened a public consultation on an EU initiative for pollinators. All individuals and organisations are invited to respond to the consultation on-line.

Launch of the solar power plant in Moldova funded by Lithuania


On March 5th, a 55 kW capacity solar power plant was officially launched in Moldovan capital Kishinev. The solar panels mounted onto the roof of the Moldovan Ministry of Environment will produce part of the energy input needed for the ministerial building. This is one of the projects administered by the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania under the Climate Change Special Programme.

Vilija Augutavičienė takes office as new Chancellor of the Ministry of Environment


Vilija Augutavičienė, who headed the Economics and International Relations Department of the Ministry of Environment until today, has taken office as the Ministry’s Chancellor.

Minister of Environment Kęstutis Navickas says “no” to the development of commercial fishing


“We will not return to the times when commercial fishing was allowed in hundreds of Lithuanian lakes, and fish stocks were shrinking dramatically. Only specialised commercial fishing is permitted now. It includes several times fewer lakes than previously, and the condition of fish stocks is improving, so in fact there are no reasons for changing the fishing procedure”, says Minister of Environment Kęstutis Navickas.