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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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Legal obstacles for mercury
Public consultation on pollinators
Launch of the solar power plant in Moldova funded by Lithuania
Vilija Augutavičienė takes office as new Chancellor of the Ministry of Environment
Minister of Environment Kęstutis Navickas says “no” to the development of commercial fishing
Groundwater is an invaluable privilege of Lithuania
Lithuania joins the battle against pollution from coal
New EU strategy for plastics to facilitate protection from the deluge of plastic waste
To Northern Italy to get familiar with the household waste sorting system
Last year dolomite extraction hit record high over the past 9 years
Lithuania’s assistance for climate change mitigation in the developing countries – from Caucasus to Mali
Lithuania became the 86th Party to the Minamata Convention on Mercury
A unique environmental protection project in the Baltics is implemented in Lithuania
Meeting with the Ambassador of the UAE on cooperation and the upcoming World EXPO 2018
A huge water management project for the benefit of the Kaunas District residents
The drafting of the country’s key development document has started
Latest information about climate change in new publications
Last year one fourth billion euros was invested in the renovation of multi-storey buildings
Lithuania is among the leading EU countries in the field of municipal waste management
National plan to reduce air pollution
Consultations regarding the additional gas pipeline to be built in the Baltic Sea are further continued
The bird raised in Lithuania added to the EU List of Invasive Alien Species
Lithuania announces ambitious goals in the fight against climate change
In Kenya, the Minister of Environment to sign the global Declaration to reduce pollution
Lithuania’s name for a new species of beetles from the Baltic amber
Lithuania intends to participate in the World EXPO 2020 in Dubai
Ignalina, one of the first in Eastern Europe to implement an innovative energy efficiency project in renovated buildings
New map makes it possible to check air quality in your city or town
Consultations with Finland about an additional gas pipeline to be built in the Baltic Sea
Shots fired at the rare short-eared owl – yet another crime against nature
Tender for the analysis of the drafting of the State Waste Management Plan to be announced this year
Important decisions to implement the Paris Agreement at the Bonn conference
New approach to territorial management – international seminar in Vilnius
Lithuanian Pavilion exhibit to go to the prestigious museum in Shanghai
A new drill in pursuit of oil
Baltic countries unite their efforts to fight against climate change
The black stork ringed in Lithuania has been found in Israel after more than 13 years
Another 34 invasive species in addition to Sosnowsky’s hogweed
Nature is the key to social and ecological problem resolution
A meeting dedicated to the future of the Baltic Sea held in Vilnius
Revival of impoverished wetlands
Dalius Krinickas is the new Vice-Minister of the Environment
Joint efforts to develop a new general plan of the Lithuanian territory
Discussions and awards at the urban issues forum
Georgian colleagues learn about our nature and forest protection practices
Auksinė Krivūlė award to Birštonas Municipality for renovation of apartment buildings
Lithuania supports fairly distributed emissions reduction obligations
Minamata Convention to help Lithuania fight against mercury pollution
Only positive feedback about Lithuania’s presentation at the international exhibition EXPO 2017
Intensive work for bird ringers
Lithuania passes the environmental exam for accession to the OECD
Joint actions for development of Lithuania-Poland border region territory
Vilnius wins the title of the most mobile municipality
Lithuania tightens up air pollution requirements for medium combustion plants
Lithuania at the starting line of the Minamata Convention on Mercury
LIFE project partner search tool launched
Aahus Convention is an important measure of international effect for Lithuania as well
75 percent of multi-apartment buildings renovated under municipal programmes
Fostering the environment is that which also unites Lithuania and Japan
Professionals rate the Lithuanian pavilion
Rarities of our nature found on the coast
Lithuanian pavilion at EXPO 2017 ranked among most popular sites with the visitors
A centre of ornithology currently developed in Dzūkija to serve educational purposes
EU aid granted for construction of a company of incineration of municipal waste
Dialogue of the ministers, a key to resolve common issues in the environmental and agricultural sectors
Vilnius environment protection officials involved in an international operation by the Interpol
Lithuanian pavilion visited by the delegation of EU energy leaders
Georgians will learn from Lithuania’s experience and how to prevent mistakes in the field of forest management
72 baby European pond turtles released into the wild
The country’s municipalities learned from Germany’s residential block renovation experience
It is proposed that the Convention on Mercury should be ratified
Nearly half of the country’s population tend to sort out all waste
Today is the National Day of Lithuania in the global exhibition EXPO 2017
Most modern geo-physical research for solving the Gediminas mountain problems will start in a week
During the meeting of the EU Ministers of Environment in Luxembourg, the case of the Astravets nuclear power plant will be mentioned
Polish experts will help search for the best way to preserve Gediminas Hill
Vice-Minister of Environment Martynas Norbutas: Urgent decisions are needed concerning the safety of the Astravyets NPP
SSPA has won a Twinning project tender in Macedonia
Nord Stream 2 pipeline is under magnifying glass
Environmentalists declare war on seal hunters
The most beautiful Lithuanian hill fort has been elected
Lithuania takes urgent measures to eradicate detected genetically modified petunias from the market
Lithuania’s commitment to implement all OECD legal acts in the field of chemical substances received favourable assessment
Primary objective is to immediately eliminate incompliances with the Urban Wastewater Directive
Lithuania suggests that Latvia not procure electricity from unsafe nuclear power plants
Threat posed by Astravas Nuclear Power Plant discussed with foreign diplomats
All residents must to pay the same price for municipal waste management
Lithuania also to monitor nuclear tests carried out in the world
Although beautiful and preferred, shadbush should be exterminated
Rising greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural and transport sectors are worrying
Consumption of plastic carrier bags keeps dropping among Lithuanian population
EU support of EUR 2.6 million to improve the air quality in the capital
EUR 50 million loan for renovation of multi-apartment buildings
Expanding mineral water extraction in Lithuania
EC investigation into waste electrical and electronic equipment management in the EU Member States includes Lithuania
Lithuania to receive an award for properly drafted report
Lithuania to voice its position in international negotiations over chemical substances management
Climate change mitigation and marine pollution, the main focus at the meeting of EU Environment Ministers
Requirements for the management of water bodies relaxed
Oak grove Izraelita planted in Vilnius district in honour of Lithuanian-Israeli friendship
A thousand reports on damage to nature coming in each month
Ministry of Environment urges municipalities to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in cities
Hundreds of birds to become “ambassadors of Lithuania”
Kyrgyzstan learning urban planning from Lithuania
New method for destroying Sosnowsky’s hogweed tested
Vice-Minister M. Gudas: “Circular economy is a reward from each of us to nature”
K. Navickas discusses common problems and their solution with Baltic Minister of Environment
New requirements for waste managers come into force
OECD experts welcome the reform of state-owned enterprises in Lithuania
Dubrava welcomes first modern forest tree nursery in Lithuania
Belarus Nuclear Power Plant in Ostrovets: enviromental and safety concerns briefly
Ministry of Environment to join the global Earth Hour campaign
Trends raising concerns: greenhouse gas emissions in Lithuania are increasing
Ministry employees have saved more than 1.5 tonnes of office paper
New method to eradicate Sosnowsky’s hogweed
Another injection of EUR 90 million into the renovation of multi-apartment buildings
Experience of our country is important for Moldova which is on its way to European integration
Dolomite extraction is growing in the country
Rebecca Harms suggests taking advantage of the expertise of the Greens Group in the European Parliament
Pesticides detected in groundwater
Powerful solar power plants at the Vilnius and Kaunas clinics
Evidence of seismic activity detected close to Vilnius shows that earthquakes had occurred in Lithuania before
Rehabilitation centre to save the life of the Baltic Sea
Eutrophication and marine litter are the worst plague of the Baltic Sea
Relevant environmental policy issues to be discussed in Brussels
Meeting with the Finish Environment Minister over the reorganisation of the forestry sector management system
Demand to stop the construction of the Astraviec NPP to be discussed with EU Environment Ministers
Lithuanian representative to lead the World EXPO Commissioners
Baltic experts share experience in combating climate change
Almost half of Lithuanian anthrax burial sites undergo checks
More than 80 offenders to answer for harmful smoke from chimneys
Climate change mitigation projects receive a record sum of EUR 66 mln.
Environmental Project Management Agency marks 15 years
One more barrier for dishonest waste managers
Latest publication of the Ministry devoted to Lithuanian planned marine space
Environmental policy test in Paris on the way to joining OECD
Lithuanian experts to help Serbs develop and improve their waste management system
Limestone will last Lithuania for decades
Requirements for compost in line with proposals from scientists
Oak of Stelmužė taking part in European Tree of the Year 2017 contest
Lithuania’s maritime transport to contribute to climate change mitigation
Surprises among wintering water birds
Minister meets with Japanese Ambassador
Lithuania’s waste sector receives a good mark for legal regulation
A chemicals management test on the way to OECD
OECD representatives get introduced to plans for consolidating state forest sector governance
Minister of Environment discusses biofuture with Brazilian Ambassador
Lower air pollution will make people’s lives longer
Minister of Environment discusses possibilities for cooperation with Israeli Ambassador
Lithuanian Zoo: a hundred European pond turtles fall into winter sleep
Yearlings of grey seal will need rescue this year again
Oil extraction drops last year
Country witnesses rising number of drilled wells
Minister of Environment and EU Commissioner for Health on ‘hot’ problems
Lithuania should have more compact cities with housing of better quality
Lithuania ratifies Paris Agreement
Astravets Nuclear Power Plant as the key topic of the meeting between the Lithuanian minister of environment and the EU Commissioner for the Environment
EU Environment Council to discuss relevant climate change policy issues
New Minister of Environment Kęstutis Navickas is a thoroughbred environmentalist
Two Lithuanian-funded solar power plants already launched in Malaysia
Lithuania passes the waste test for OECD accession
Neighbouring states promise to come to assistance of Lithuanian environmentalists in investigating illegal shipments of waste
Legal amendments for solving car parking problems
European Commission looks forward to opinions of EU residents on water reuse
The new List of Invasive Species also featuring ‘killer shrimp’ that has arrived in Lithuania with ships
Ministry opens its doors to students
Lithuanian presidency of the EU Council sets an example for Bulgarians
Lithuania to phase out polluting gases used for refrigeration and air conditioning
Saturday will mark the beginning of the European Week for Waste Reduction
United Nations world conference also gives the floor to Lithuania on climate change mitigation
Energy efficiency is of particular importance for achieving sustainable objectives
OECD introduced to a chemicals management system developed in Lithuania
Preparations for ratifying the Paris Agreement on climate change under way
Only energy performance class A from 1st November
Cooperation between Lithuania and the UN Economic Commission discussed in Quito
Kęstutis Trečiokas: “Lithuania is on the right path with modern and sustainable urban development”
First political debate on the proposed reduction of “greenhouse” gas emissions in 2021-2030
Oak of Stelmužė elected Lithuania’s Tree of the Year
Consumption of plastic carrier bags drops among Lithuanian population
Most creative architects receive awards
Increased attention for crop wild relatives
Environmentalists disclose environmental crime schemes to prosecutors of the Baltic Sea countries
Traditional farewell to birds on the first weekend in October
European Mobility Week ends in “Car Free Day”
Energy efficiency in buildings on international agenda
Lithuania hosts international seminar on European bison protection
Solar power plant made in Lithuania to appear on the roof of the Moldovan Government building
Meeting in Minsk once again demonstrated that Ostrovets NPP project requires international supervision
Visit the zoo from home
South Korean nuclear explosion recorded also by Lithuanian seismic stations
Authority tightens control on transboundary shipments of waste
Open voting at the poll of the Lithuanian Tree of the Year
Representatives of Lithuania and Germany running discussions on the fresh start of the district renovation model
Georgia to rely on the Lithuanian experience in reforming its own environmental and forestry sectors
Schoolchildren have had a test of the Minister’s seat
Over 50% of local population take a favourable view on forest maintenance
Oil extraction falling nationwide
Renovation programme underway in Lithuania sets an example to other countries of the Eastern Europe
Procedure for certifying managers of the main areas in the construction technical activity bound to change
Groundwater monitoring on Lithuanian-Latvian border launched
Legal persons to receive punishment for environmental infringements as well
Investments into renovation mount over half a billion euros
Lithuanian agriculture getting ready to implement obligations of the Paris Climate Change Agreement
Designers only allowed using licensed software
One of Lithuania’s largest boulders found in Telšiai district
Go-ahead given for plucking Baby’s-breath
New procedure to define how to make a fire in nature
Invasive species to be of concern to the entire European Union
Lithuania present as an active partner of a new international Initiative for Sustainable Cities
Kęstutis Trečiokas believes sustainable development to be a key to a successful statehood
The fires in Chernobyl area posing no threat to Lithuania
A sharp drop in illegal logging nationwide in the first semester
Kęstutis Trečiokas to express the Lithuanian stance on the EU climate and energy framework at the meeting in Bratislava
Nearly 300 apartment buildings successfully renovated within the lasts semester
Representatives of the OECD Environment Directorate to assess Lithuania’s progress in preparing for its membership in the organisation
The Zoo celebrates its 78th birthday!
The public will have its say over the drafting of a new Lithuanian Red Book for the first time
Agreement between Lithuanian and German Ministries of Environment is particularly beneficial for Lithuania
A record number of European pond turtles to return back to their natural habitats in Dzūkija (Southeast Lithuania)
Kęstutis Trečiokas: “There cannot be any concessions on the matter of the Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant”
Lithuania voices its position on current environmental issues
Water samples from the Nemunas River do not show contamination from the Grodno nitrogen plant
Seal relocation operation at the Zoo
Experts teach industrialists to manage chemical substances properly
Retailers will no longer be allowed to hand out plastic carrier bags free of charge
Lithuania to take part in EXPO 2017 International Exposition
Lithuania to contribute to the Interpol-led investigations of environmental crimes
Initiatives undertaken by Lithuania in the period of 2014 to 2023 play a part in advancement of the green economy in Europe
Ukraine urging Lithuania to invest in waste management sector and solar energy
Environmentalists have found most passenger vehicles in a good condition
Representatives of all the EU Member States have gathered in Vilnius to tackle the issues of energy performance of buildings
Even a tiny spark a hazard to forests
Wolves sending a message again
An inventory of polluted areas across Lithuania now completed
Some 50 apartment buildings renovated each month
Tauragė water purification plant undergoes reconstruction
Taking young animals and birds home is a crime against nature
Environmentalists allowed to incapacitate aggressive offenders with electric shock
Ban on sale of lily of the valley flowers lifted
More publicity and transparency brought to the construction product market
First election of Lithuania’s tree of the year to take place
Extraordinary Lithuania, a new travel guide around the country’s protected areas
Utena giant unearthed
25 most picturesque spots across national parks now available for your trip route
Strong safeguards in place for research involving genetically modified microorganisms and genetically modified organisms
Population of cervidae animals on the rise in Lithuanian forests
Long-term guidelines for environmental protection now included in the National Environmental Protection Strategy
Borehole Laisvė in the courtyard of the Parliament marks a symbol of the role played by geologists in the restoration of independence
Lithuania signs global climate change agreement in New York
Lithuania reports increasing number of energy-efficient buildings
EU Commissioner supports Lithuania’s position on Astravas Nuclear Power Plant
Ministers in Amsterdam on the need for “greening” the transport
Research finds fish to be on the increase in Lithuanian lakes
Designers and builders obligated to adapt buildings for people with disabilities
Population comes to improve the rescue of the natural environment
Efforts gathered to fight illegal logging
Cleaner waters as the project target
Health of spruce groves remaining a key concern of forestry professionals
The Minister of Environment meeting the ambassador of Georgia
The Ministry of Environment urges energy professionals to come up with quality requirements for solid fuel as soon as possible
Reference landscapes reflecting the country’s ethnocultural regions selected
Country’s groundwater resources estimated at the value of gold
Discussing climate change on the occasion of Earth Day
Astravas Nuclear Power Plant case reopened in Geneva
A bibliographic rarity – monograph on Aukštumala raised bog – translated into Lithuanian
Count shows almost 21 000 wild boars in Lithuania
Climate change and circular economy discussed in Brussels
The future of the Curonian Lagoon to benefit from an open discussion
Minister called the opening of the new Counting Centre for Packaging a historic event
78 new sites were added to the list of protected natural heritage
Astravets nuclear power plant – so many questions, so little answers
Over EUR 1 billion of EU support allocated to the environment during the past nine years
New seismic hazard map for Lithuania
Extraction of oil resources declined last year
Lithuania to take part in the EIA procedure for a nuclear plant planned in Poland
Outcome of the Lašiša campaign
Commemoration of a key event of the year, EXPO 2015 world exposition
Lithuanian-design solar batteries to contribute to combatting climate change in Malaysia
Lithuania has secured a ban on genetically modified maize
ABC on environmental protection, starting with youngest children
A new visitors’ centre at Vištytis Regional Park
Over 11,000 reports on violations per year
The Environmental Council considering relevant issues of climate change and environmental protection
OECD gives high rating to Lithuanian construction sphere undergoing improvement
Global Lithuanian Economic Forum on renovation experience and challenges in Lithuania
Special prize of the Ministry of Environment for Lithuanian children in Spain
Urban development forum on lessons and challenges of urban development
Ministry suggests tightening up liability for the release into the environment or placing on the market of GMOs
Swedish entrepreneurs show interest in Lithuania’s opportunities
Tightening up liability for improper management of waste oils recommended
Results of environmental raids: 500 checks and hundreds of violations found
National Landscape Management Plan approved
Digital future in store for the construction sector
Kęstutis Trečiokas: ‘Lithuania will not grow any genetically modified crops’
Lithuania’s largest raised bog celebrates its birthday tomorrow!
Tallest observation tower opened in Labanoras Regional Park
Today is Car-Free Day
Extraordinary meeting of the EU Environment Council held in Brussels
The Pope granted an audience granted to EU Environment Ministers
Drones will help protect the environment
Groundwater at the country’s border is of good quality, concluded geologists
Flint beats amber in the choice of a national stone
First-ever genetics studies of the Lithuanian buffalo completed
Ministers of the Environment of the Baltic Council of Ministers meeting in Žemaitija
Over 100,000 visitor tickets to the national parks sold in the summer
Kęstutis Trečiokas: “For the convenience of local population, we shall acquire waste sorting containers and distribute them to municipalities, again”
A pilot project underway in Kėdainiai district, seeking to mitigate the pollution of aquatic environment from agricultural sources
Governments of 18 municipalities prohibit access to forests due to forest fire threat
Six-month statistics: 3 poaches caught daily
Geologists record very low groundwater levels
Environmental hotline: undisturbed poaching nights over
An Anykščiai pearl – a canopy walkway – inaugurated
An opportunity to travel the traces of the ice age
After reconstruction, ornithological station of Ventė Cape
Environmentalists to inspect the processing of the green waste by the general public
Meeting of the Ministers of the Environment of the EU convened in Luxembourg focusing on issues of sustainable development and climate change
The new law to help improve the quality of architecture and change the approach on its importance
New publication about successful projects to protect species
National Day of Lithuania celebrated in EXPO 2015
National Visitors' Centre – a gateway to protected areas
Holidaymakers stay vigilant –environmental hotline flooded with reports
New sport utility vehicles for environmentalists
Old apartment block to emerge as Class A building
Award for Selemonas Paltanavičius from the President’s hands
Sign of a deposit on disposable beverage containers approved
Visitors of protected areas buy more than 5 500 volunteer tickets in a month
New visitor centre in Pagramantis Regional Park
Lithuania to participate in EXPO 2017 international exposition
Ministers’ discussion: how much air pollution must reduce each EU member state
The whole country’s territory has already been planned – both in the land and the sea
Preserving Lithuanian orchids has been a success
Helicopter to help ensure the environmental control
New exposition about Dieveniškės region on display at the regional park visitor centre
River Šventoji in Zarasai district boasts an increasing stock of salmonids
Minister Kęstutis Trečiokas: “We are already mediocre according to waste management in Europe”
This year the funds earmarked for the acquisition of packaging waste containers by municipalities is almost 3 million euros
New publication on species under strict protection in Lithuania
National fish elected
Lithuanian culinary heritage at the exposition EXPO 2015 already draws attention of almost 100,000 visitors
Kęstutis Trečiokas: “We must have a consistent forest policy”
Lithuania signs agreements with EIB to support for two major investment projects
More than 1 mln. visitors show interest in the Ministry’s e-services over half a year
From 15 May visitors will have an opportunity to support protected areas
Foresters sleep with their eyes open to protect the Curonian Spit from forest fires
EXPO 2015: Lithuania's Pavilion visited by over 10,000 people
Lithuania is in favour of useful changes to the EU emissions trading scheme
Good news for business – more land use opportunities in industrial areas
National Environmental Protection Strategy approved
Apartment building renovation reserve – both necessary and useful
Jackal hunting is open all year round from May
Venta Regional Park has a modern observation tower
Environmental officers crack down on illegal fences
Unauthorised HBCDD to be blocked from market
EU ministers discuss key biodiversity and ecosystem issues
Lithuania lists natural springs and sources
Lithuania’s plans for EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan discussed
Uniform pricing for municipal waste management proposed
Jackal hunting is open all year round from May
Land parcel rules eased to facilitate industrial park development
Ministry takes control over geothermal heating systems
New rules to speed up renovation of old apartment blocks
Lithuania tapping into its mineral water resources
Reforestation to cover over 9,000 ha in 2015
Ministry tackles chaos at Palanga beaches
Kids hoist thousands of nesting boxes in Lithuanian forests
Ministry vows tougher fines for stubble burning
Pomerania gives proof of ungrounded fear of shale gas
At least 3000 ha of new forests each year
SAR dog takes part in an environmentalists’ raid for the first time
Ban on smoking in forests of the Curonian Spit requested
Illegal ‘small business’ causing most damage to the health of the environment
Minister requests assistance of the Prosecutor’s Office in returning privatised lakes to the state
The minister attends a forum for economy and policy leaders
UNESCO’s expert mission denies threats to the Curonian Spit ‘discovered’ by Russia
More community environmentalists
Energy performance certificates for buildings required in new format
The waters of the Curonian Lagoon cleaned from vessel ‘necropolis’
New website for the upcoming EXPO 2015
The country extracts more mineral resources
A landscape and biodiversity preservation plan is approved
Opinion poll: everyone can create a cleaner environment
Minister Kęstutis Trečiokas: “Lithuania is for the EU Emissions Trading System Market Stability Reserve”
The list of the country’s natural resources is getting longer
Soil remediation – a method to prevent environmental damage
Increasing numbers of foreigners travel to fish in Lithuania
2 February is World Wetlands Day
Geological hazards in Vilnius and Kaunas – a special map
Environmental emergency hotline: over 2,000 reports in 4 months
Forced requiem to unauthorised construction works
More waste is sorted and recycled in Lithuania
The number of energy efficient buildings in Lithuania is growing
A mobile group to protect forests
Two more valuable collections donated to the Museum of Zoology
More possibilities for countries to decide on the growing of GMOs available from spring
Conclusion of thermovisual examinations – renovated multi-apartment buildings are much warmer
Applications for modernising multi-apartment houses according to a new invitation system
Use of plastic bags to be reduced
Minister of Environment, Kęstutis Trečiokas: ‘The new development observation system will prevent the chaotic development of territories’
Environmental offence line getting reports round the clock
Lima conference is a step towards an agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol
Data collected on natural habitats are a reflection of nature’s health
Hazardous landslides can be predicted from now on
Municipal mayors recognised and awarded for renovation progress
Results of Lašiša-2014 campaign
Lessons learnt from the Riga tragedy – Lithuania tightens state supervision over construction
Survey: a public opinion on environment and on how it should be managed
Over a hundred genetic reserves set up to protect the most precious wood tree populations
Lithuania boasts deposits of glauconite, a valuable mineral
Lithuania’s first national park marks its 40th anniversary
A study of Lithuanian shale – is it hazardous to the environment?
A flood risk management plan drafted
A block renovation pilot project in Lithuania
International conference provides key orientations to preserve biodiversity
Interactive website on Lithuanian shale gas
Community service orders suggested as punishment
Experts diminish concerns about the quality of new windows
Sizeable yield of environmental films, broadcasts and articles to the public
Tenders for using hydrocarbon resources to run under revised regulations
First ‘measurements’ on the path to amber exploration
New plan to protect wolves and control their number
German experience and support to spread renovation ‘virus’ in Lithuania
Some 200 cafes and hotels serve tap water
Construction waste should not be a headache for households
Scots plan to invite Lithuanians to architecture festival
Landfills present no environmental hazard if properly operated and maintained
Symbolic environmental pollution fines cancelled
Salmon 2014 campaign begins
Lithuania applies to the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee regarding Astravas NPP
Chinese geologists interested in Lithuanian shale
Lithuania could stock up with own amber
Lithuanian experts test structural engineers from abroad
New evaluation showed larger oil reserves
The ‘hottest’ environmental topics discussed on the hottest summer day
The number of multi-apartment buildings to be renovated this year will almost be equal to the number of multi-apartment buildings renovated over eight years
The Lithuanian Zoo receives help from volunteers
Conditions are created for increasing the forest coverage of Lithuania
Record breaking year for white storks
Colorado: An example of safe and profitable extraction of oil and gas
Green buses bought from sale of emission rights start rolling in Kaunas streets
Romanians learn from renovation experience in Lithuania
Wastewater treatment testing laboratory notified for new activities
Gaize: An untapped resource of Lithuania
Undiscovered economic benefit: Geologists look for meteorite craters
Ministry of Environment earmarks LTL 2.5 million for fish restocking this year
Amendments to the Construction Products Regulation favourable to manufacturers
Minister of Environment to present the most honourable award of the Ministry to His Excellency Valdas Adamkus
European ministers are in favour of territorial democracy in spatial planning
International dialogue on the protection of the Nemunas River Basin
International workshop intended for ensuring sustainable mobility for the European commuters to be held in Kaunas this year
Lithuanian landscape project honoured with respectable and heavy award
EU Environment Council addresses air quality, GMO, climate change and biodiversity
Protected areas cleared from 252 abandoned buildings
Regularly updated map shows the extent of renovation
Survey of the most contaminated legacy sites
New inmates at the Lithuanian zoo
The new electronic register to facilitate and accelerate the processing of territorial planning documents
US environmental experts to share their experience in the exploration of shale in Lithuania
The new postage stamp will invite to save the Baltic Sea
Universal containers to resolve the puzzle of electronic waste
We are celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity
The extraction of dolomite is further expanded in Lithuania
Soil map: the negative impact of human activity is greatly overrated
Minister of Environment deals with issues of marine environment and climate change while on a visit in Greece
Lithuania is to implement a deposit system for single-use packaging
500 apartment buildings to be renovated. What next?
Ecological buses obtained through the sale of pollution permits roll out into the capital's streets
The National Environmental Protection strategic project has been prepared
Construction tests will be planned by an informational system
For the best vacation, visit ten newly-restored locations in protected territories
Last year saw growth in the mining of various solid minerals
The Ministry of Environment is the first to start with the EU's 2014-2020 financing program
Will Air Pollution in Lithuania Be Reduced by 2020?
For the best vacation, visit ten newly-restored locations in protected territories
New Postage Stamps With Protected Species
Oil Extraction and Groundwater Monitoring
Sewage Treatment Plant Testing Laboratory Is Expanding Operations
Environmental Monitoring: Lithuania Has Rich Resources of Quality Groundwater
Container Deposit Is an Effective Waste Sorting Strategy
The Aukštaitija National Park Celebrates 40 Years of Existence
Nature's smallest wonders need special protection
New book explains what's worth visiting in the protected territories
V. Mazuronis: “The second shale gas resource usage competition must be announced as soon as possible”
Massive renovation of apartment buildings has begun
Violators will have to pay about 2 million litas for gross forest felling violations
The great amphibian migration is approaching
Call 112 to report environmental damage
Three times larger damage compensation fines for burning grass
Ten times larger compensation fines will be levied for illegal felling
The Lithuanian pavilion project at the world EXPO will be selected out of a total of 27 tenders
Minister of Environment: we will charge “subscription fees” for illegal fences
Trim and revamped protected areas to welcome visitors
Discussion on EU climate change and energy policy
Record number of tenders received for EXPO pavilion procedure
Unnecessary driving on ice to be banned
Public buildings to be included in renovation programme as well
Spring may see more sinkholes
Ministry of Environment ready to manage wild boar population
Frequently asked questions from hunters on African swine fever
Government favours the wild boar population regulation plan of the Ministry of Environment
Less than two months left before the great renovation kick-off
Lithuania sticks to its position on GMO
Lithuania sees more of mineral resource deposits
Water supply and wastewater management developed for local outreach
Lithuania became EUMETSAT’s latest Member State
Minister thanks the presidency team
Depleting groundwater reserves in Central and Northern Lithuania
Implementation of emissions standards postponed to mid-2020
Number of poachers in Lithuania cut in three
Encouraging expert findings on anhydrite production
Ministry acknowledged for seacoast preservation
New EU's Clean Air Policy Package at the end of the end of the “Year of Air“
European Maritime Geology Project
Political discussions on maritime emissions and invasive alien species
Baltic Landscape Forum begins
EU Environment Council will focus on maritime emissions and invasive species
Adoption of the Regulation on access to genetic resources will pave way to ratification of Nagoya Protocol
EU housing ministers: cooperation is vital for energy efficiency
Geneva looks at air pollution issues that affect Lithuania
Key issues on EU waters and nature discussed in Vilnius
Riga’s lessons: a working group for a thorough review of building supervision
Agreement on reducing car emission levels as a step towards sustainable use of resources
Underground treasures of Lithuania
Conference in Warsaw makes a way to the global agreement on combating climate change
Meeting in Vilnius touches on topics of urban planning relevant to every EU Member State
Talks in Warsaw gain momentum: debates continue concerning commitments on funding and mitigating climate change
Area of responsibility of freelance environmental protection inspectors is now expanded
In Warsaw, Valentinas Mazuronis urged more than 100 countries to sign amendment to the Kyoto Protocol as soon as possible
EU to decide on the market access to be granted to the genetically modified carnations
Vilnius airport welcomes an exotic four-footed passenger
The condition of the Baltic Sea is a regional concern
Inspections confirm that genetically modified plants are not being grown in Lithuania
Deposit system for plastic and metal containers will begin operation in 2015
Lithuania will soon have two fishermen’s paradises
Commission will announce a repeat competition for shale prospecting and extraction
Minister: we will continue to be the best waste water-managing nation in Europe
Twice as much received for amateur fisherman licenses
Wolf hunting will be allowed this year
The 2014-2020 National waste management plan project will be presented to the public
EU territorial planning and urban development discussed in Vilnius
Main focus of the Environment Council - preparations for Warsaw conference on climate change
China is not buying out Lithuanian lumber
Lithuania signed the Global agreement on mercury on behalf of the EU
New challenges for Baltic Sea protection
Information about the Belarusian Astravets Nuclear Power Plant international environmental impact evaluation
Minister of Environment invited the EU to sign the Convention on mercury
V. Mazuronis: apartment building residents trust the new renovation model
As the renovation effort gains steam – another financing partner
Lithuania will represent the European Union at United Nations conference
New Baltic pollution reduction goals will not cause any problems for Lithuania
A cooperation agreement is being planned with Moldova
Shale gas and oil prospecting and extraction has been tightened
Increased funding from the EIB for the renewal of energy-efficient housing in Lithuania
Biosafety in Lithuania is an example for all of Europe
Foresters to press for the adoption of important documents and to share their experience
Mr Mazuronis: resistance to the exploration of the shale gas and oil increasingly resembles actions directed against the Lithuanian interests
Environmental Impact Assessment Experience Shared in Vilnius
Salmon 2013 campaign is underway
Lithuania leads financing issues for chemicals and wastes on EU level in Bangkok
Increased fines scare more poachers away
Lithuania is among leading wastewater managers in the EU
Lithuania’s petroleum production shrinks by close to 20 per cent over one year
No more chances to privatise the water management sector
93 new buses in exchange for emission allowances
Lithuania represented the EU in meeting with China's lead negotiator on climate change reduction
Minister of Environment presented Lithuania's EU Council presidency environmental and climate change priorities
EU experts in Vilnius discuss climate change policy issues
Another Lithuanian facility crossed out from the Baltic Sea’s major polluters list
Lithuania’s EU presidency programme to be presented in Luxembourg
Baltic ministers of environment meet in Latvia
Scaffolding in place to implement new apartment building modernization model
The implementation of two European Economic Area programs has begun in Lithuania
The lynx returns to Lithuania's forests
Lithuania will seek consensus from all EU nations on most important environmental concerns
The Amalvo and Žuvinto swamps' “LIFE +” projects have been acknowledged as some of the best in Europe
Every effort is being made to modernize apartment buildings
Preparing to take the lead: A dialogue with Europe's non-governmental organizations
Let's meet – About river basin governance
Practical questions regarding Lithuania's preparation to assume the EU Council's presidency are discussed
Climate change: waiting is not a solution
Lithuania to stand EU’s position on GMO
Climate change and environment discussed with US ambassador
Preserving the Curonian Spit is shared concern for Lithuania and Russia
Lithuania to deal with Community-wide environmental issues in its upcoming presidency
The state of water resources is common concern for neighbouring states
Earth flags raised
Lithuanian and Polish environmentalists to share experience
Applications invited from Lithuanian experts for the post of Secretary of the Helsinki Commission
Minister invites US shale gas experts to Lithuania
Minister Mazuronis: “The energy resources stored in shale is a gift to Lithuania”
Valentinas Mazuronis voiced Lithuania’s concern over the safety of the Astravas NPP to the Belarusian Ambassador
In the environment sector, Lithuania is getting ready for the busy agenda of the Presidency of the EU Council
Comments invited on the drafted territorial planning documents for the Lithuanian-Polish border region
Agreement with the European Investment Bank opens the door for renovation of whole blocks of apartment houses
Juozas Virbickas’ award for protection and amplification of fish
Rates on damage caused to fish stocks raised from several to ten times
Lithuania’s landscape management champion Utena nominated for the award of the Council of Europe
Prospects for cooperation discussed at meetings with ambassadors
Over one million litas for fish stocking
Lithuania takes part in the negotiations regarding the provisions of the new convention on mercury
Minister of Environment V.Mazuronis: uncertainties regarding the population of wolves are to be dissolved
Against malignant offenders only with bulldozers
Poachers will pay ten times more
Vice minister Daiva Matonienė will coordinate the construction and housing sector
The new vice ministers of Environment Almantas Petkus and Linas Jonauskas
Minister started his job with discussions and meetings in Brussels
Valentinas Mazuronis announced as the new Minister of Environment
Signal to start biodegradable waste management facilities construction is given
Important questions related to Lithuania discussed in Doha
Catalogue of springs and streams of Lithuania to be prepared
The State of Environment in terms of facts
Climate change management policy to be implemented under approved strategy
Restrictions on trading in greenhouse gas AAU lifted
List of protected areas adapted for visitors expanded with landscape reserve
Lithuania leading the world in terms of forest conservation
Communication campaign to reduce climate change
Only fishermen can help restore sturgeon resources
Guests from Saxony show particular interest in waste management
Lithuanian Zoo set to become one of most modern zoos in region
Lithuanian and Georgian Ministers of Environment ink cooperation agreement
Smooth EU Council presidency seen among key priorities for 2013
Silver for the Lithuanian pavilion
Funds raised from emission allowances will go to renovation of individual dwellings
Baltic Sea Biosphere Polygon on its way
Five Lithuanian weather stations are over one hundred years old
Global conference looks at Lithuania-relevant issues
EU environment ministers discussed greenhouse gas monitoring and plans for green Europe
The Curonian Spit hosts meeting for environment ministers of the Baltic Council of Ministers
The European Commission accepts Lithuania's application for free emission allowances
The name of Lithuania already heard at just opened World Expo
Restrictions on trading in greenhouse gas AAU should be lifted for Lithuania
European Commission invites public to evaluate Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Waters
LIFE+ supported project implemented in Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve
Over LTL 75 million already paid to environmental project operators this year
New fishing permit issuance procedure and prices enter into force in Lithuania
Cooperation with Spain is expected
Lithuanian representative as member of EXPO College of Commissioners
Managing the protection of the Baltic Sea environment will be reinforced
Lithuania to become full member of EUMETSAT
Potentially polluted areas undergo stock survey
Number of abandoned structures in protected areas declines
Interests of Lithuania regarding the Ozone Layer Protection in the EU position
Head of Lithuanian Meteorologists elected the Vice-President of the European region
The Implemented Environmental Management System Encourages to Spare Nature
Management of Biological Municipal Waste in the Baltic States was on the Agenda of an International Conference
Pilot ecological network to be created in Southern Lithuania
Ministry of Environment to allocate support for purchasing green buses and boiler rooms
Minister of Environment meets with European Commissioner
No more white spots in European weather maps over Lithuania
Special patrol boat for environmental raids
Amber to represent Lithuania at World Expo 2012
EU and global funds successfully used for environmental improvement
Lithuania congratulated on compliance of its legislation with Aarhus Convention
Žuvintas becomes first Lithuanian area included in World Network of Biosphere Reserves
In Geneva, the Minister confirmed a strict Lithuania’s position regarding the planned nuclear power plants in Belarus and the Kaliningrad region
Lithuania to take part in the world exhibition EXPO 2015 in Milan
European ministers decided to draft an international agreement on the protection of forests
A billion litas of support funds has already been disbursed
Lithuania Joins International Treaty on Living GMOs
World Exposition EXPO 2012 Information Centres Open at the Seaside
Latvian Neighbours Take Interest in Lithuania’s Experience
A new system will warn about elemental natural phenomena
The theme of RESTA reflects the most important issues in the construction sector
Another five Lithuanian objects are proposed to be removed from the list of the Baltic Sea’s worst sources of pollution
EU assistance funds for environment protection are used more rapidly than expected
Belarus fails to do its work
Most Lithuanian residents provided with high-quality drinking water
Lithuania wrapping up development of seismic monitoring network
Lithuania signs memorandum with Luxembourg
Regarding misleading information in Belarusian media
Lithuania to become full member of EUMETSAT
Minister of Environment meets with Latvian counterpart
SOER 2010: the state of environment in Lithuania ahead of European average
Another five million litas worth of EU support to improve ecological health of water bodies
Additional State aid for renovation of apartment blocks
Ministry of Environment has fulfilled its tasks
The Ministry of Environment distributed LTL 450 million as EU support for waste management purposes
Foundation for a future international agreement on climate change laid
The name of Lithuania was successfully promoted in the world exhibition EXPO 2010
Information dispersed in Belarus about the environmental impact assessment of the future nuclear power plant is false
A good water status is expected to be achieved
The first hazardous waste management facility will start its operations in Lithuania
South Korea invites Lithuania to present the beauty of the Baltic coast to the world
Baltic Sea is a Concern for All
Lithuanian Day in a World Exhibition
Swiss Experts Say that Waste Incineration in Vilnius is Possible
Regions request LTL 454 mln. for waste recycling at EU level
Further development of the waste management system to benefit from LTL 450 million
Draft laws on the waste management system and forestry reform submitted to the Government
Funds granted to projects for upgrading landfills non-compliant with EU requirements
Larger EU support for improving the status of water bodies
Lithuania in the report on European bathing water sites
Ambassador of Kazakhstan visits the Ministry
Lithuania approves the proposal to allow Member States to decide for themselves on the cultivation of GMOs
Lithuania launches a laboratory conforming to European standards
Packaging waste management targets are met
Meeting with the head of IAEA at the Ministry
Baltic ministers of environment sign new cooperation agreement
State Forest Service participating in development of European IS on Forest Genetic Resources
Lithuania’s pavilion at Expo 2010 already visited by quarter of million people
Lithuania’s pavilion at EXPO 2010 expected to be visited by 3-4 million people
Vilnius hosts first meeting of expert working group Baltics 21
Lithuania creates an innovative Green Investment Scheme
Lithuania and Russia reach agreement on joint groundwater monitoring
Lithuania's Baltic Sea coast to be monitored from space
EIA report on power plant planned in Belarus presented in Vilnius
Lithuania marks World Wetland Day
Weather forecasts become available on mobile phones
Denmark’s contribution to modernisation of blocks of flats discussed in Lithuania
Organisations to receive direct information on air pollution
Genetically modified organisms still surrounded by controversy in Lithuania
Ministry of Environment to take care of Lithuanian Zoo
Rich gene pool of exotic trees and bushes accumulated in individual collections
Lithuania hosts conference on climate change management policy for first time
Lithuania leading in use of Cohesion Fund support for environmental projects
Baltic region ministers adopt Vilnius declaration for better quality of life in entire region
Small Grants Programme wrapped up in Lithuania
Climate change issues discussed
National Sustainable Development Strategy updated in Lithuania
Air quality improves in Lithuania
Activities of medical waste incineration company may be suspended
Pollution tax to be paid once a year
Salmon – 2009 campaign kicks off in Lithuania
LTL 8.5 mln of EU support asked for promotion of renovation of blocks of flats
Sludge management infrastructure to be developed in Lithuania
Minister of Environment meets with UNESCO experts
Early warning system for disastrous natural phenomena to be developed in Lithuania
Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological Museum marks 90th anniversary
Lithuania embarks on a campaign to establish a common network of Baltic geological heritage sites
Amalvas and Žuvintas Wetlands under restoration
The Millennium Oak-Wood comes into leaf
‘Go Green’ environmental initiative to promote waste sorting
Minister of Environment meets with famous naturalist Birutė Galdikas
“Let’s do it 2009” initiative surpasses expectations
Construction of small flats legalised in Lithuania
Lithuania developing ecotoxicity control system
Government approves draft climate change bill
Creation of Joint European Environmental Information System
Ministers in Paris discuss Lithuania’s outlook after nuclear plant shutdown
Special containers for used batteries across Lithuania
Russia vows not to urbanise Curonian Spit National Park in Kaliningrad Region
Launch of European Mobility Week and Car-Free Day
International geology conference in Venta Regional Park
Lithuania’s underground water resources to be assessed
Environmental Impact Assesment report of new nuclear plant presented to public
Lithuania’s radiation levels unchanged after incident in Belgium
EU environmental support to new members discussed in Vilnius
Green vacation in Palanga
LTL 1.9 bln from EU Cohesion Fund for quality water supply and wastewater treatment
Important Lithuanian and Russian Environmental Issues Discussed
Riga Declaration – For Stronger Environmental Democracy
Seminar – Discussion on Rational Use of EU Assistance
Lithuania Proposes Application of Compensation Mechanisms For Decommissioning of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
World Environment Day Celebrated Today
Happy World Environment Day!
Improper Use of European Union Funds Escalated Irrationally
Infostatyba – a Shield Against Corruption
Debates on European forests in Warsaw
Urbanistic forum about the problems and future of the country’s urban development
Lithuania’s soil is among the cleanest in Europe
Ministers from 51 country approve environmental declaration in Belgrade
Bulgarians take interest in the experience of Lithuanian environmental institutions
A week without car
Lithuania uses less ozone depleting substances
Seismic monitoring is relevant to all countries within the Baltic Sea Region
Decommissioning of Ignalina NPP will not threat neighbouring states
Waste EEE management organisers undergo inspection before start
EU environment ministers to discuss problems caused by droughts and water scarcity
EC final decision received regarding the national allocation plan for environmental pollution allowances
Protection of the Curonian Spit discussed at World Heritage Committee session
Lithuania’s new Red Book warns about the fate of 767 rare and endangered species
International conference for better management of public forests
Restrictions on international trade proposed to protect endangered species
Tomorrow is the World Environment Day
LEIF-supported projects reduce environmental pollution
Not a single permit to grow genetically modified plants in Lithuania issued
Lithuania is number four by assimilation of Cohesion Fund support
Lithuania National Allocation Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Allowances for the Period 2008 to 2012
European Mobility Week Programme. Lithuania, 2006
Earth Day celebration programme in Lithuania. 2006
Aarhus Convention Implementation Report



Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas